Keep the Gear in Drive

Sep 17, 2015 by

          On Tuesday night, I was on my way to Starbucks to write with nothing to...

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How I Got Myself into the Invi...

Sep 13, 2015 by

            Two Septembers ago, on opening day of the Toronto International...

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Before the Moment’s Gone

Sep 1, 2015 by

“Come on, come on, come on, before the moment’s gone.” – No. 1 Party Anthem, Arctic Monkeys  ...

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Forget the Time

Aug 21, 2015 by

“If you put time as a restriction on anything, anything – whether it be work, relationships, anything – you will be bound by it.” –...

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How High is Your Ambition?

Jul 13, 2015 by

          “Maria, do you want to lift your swing back up to your chest?” Jocie, the...

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Let’s Leave Tonight

Jul 4, 2015 by

“The best plans aren’t planned.” – As seen two days ago on the side of a bus  ...

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