Happiness Tips

          Through The Happiness Experiment, I’ve established happiness tips based on what I’ve learned makes me happy. Each one links to the story that led to it. I share my happiness tips with you in hope that they will be useful in your own search for happiness.

1. Let yourself go!

2. Say yes to social invites!

3. Admire and compliment yourself!

4. Have a solo dance party!

5. Reach out to people to make plans!

6. Reclaim Monday! It’s all yours to make what you want of it, just like every other day of the week.

7. Be impulsive.

8. Work that body, baby!

9. Blur the lines separating weeknights from weekends. Any day of the week can be fun!

10. Try new things! Novelty generates excitement!

11. Avoid routine! Hang out with a variety of people!

12. Choose happiness.

13. Find/fabricate reasons to celebrate!

14. Befriend your acquaintances, and then make more friends through your new friends!

15. Channel your independence. It’s an amazing confidence boost.

16. Get lost in a book. Befriend its characters. You will no longer be all by yourself.

17. Fall in love with a love story.

18. Financially invest (within your means) in happiness!

19. Buy clothes that make you feel good by projecting the image that you want to embody.

20. Leave your home!

21. Uncover other people’s stories.

22. Talk to strangers!

23. Share your story.

24. Don’t depend on other people to make you happy. Take responsibility for generating your own happiness.

25. Avoid places that make you feel like crap.

26. Piano, piano.

27. Be vocal about what you want.

28. Be your own best friend.

29. Relax!

30. Take action!

31. Do something that you thought you couldn’t.

32. Do something that scares you.

33. Don’t let fear drive your decisions.

34. If you don’t like your job, quit.

35. Write it out.

36. Network!

37. Get away for the weekend.

38. Be limitless.

39. Make a realistic financial plan that reflects your goals.

40. Think in shades of grey.

41. Walk away from whatever makes you unhappy.

42. Laugh it off!

43. Live for yourself. Don’t worry about what other people think.

44. Take a nap!

45. Keep it simple.

46. Disconnect.

47. Reclaim your me time.

48. Find your close-to-home escape.

49. Be resourceful!

50. Find your loophole.

51. Trust that people’s intentions are good.

52. Ask, and thou shall receive.

53. Go it alone!

54. Consult future you.

55. Do not let the calendar dictate your life.

56. Embrace the backup plan.

57. Fly.

58. Fuck “should.”

59. Step foot into the sea.

60. Bask in solitude.

61. Take a life break.

62. Approach would-be-stressful situations with positivity and grace.

63. Make other people feel good.

64. Maintain your social life.

65. Spread your legs if you so choose.

66. Stop saying that you want to do something, and just do it.

67. Be interested.

68. Celebrate your birthday!

69. Get yourself a birthday gift!

70. Change your perspective to optimize your current situation.

71. Tell him (or her) that you’re interested.

72. Temporarily check out.

73. If you can’t see it, it isn’t real.

74. Repeat after me: “It is not New Year’s Eve. It is Tuesday.”

75. Get name greedy!

76. Clean – but don’t get obsessive compulsive about it.

77. Let the past be the past.

78. Real-life friend your online friends.

79. Contact an old friend.

80. Choose to be who you want to be.

81. Know when to let someone go.

82. If you cannot forgive, forget.

83. Conduct participatory research.

84. Love where you live.

85. Admit that you’re sick, and use a goddamn sick day.

86. Buy – do not bake – your macarons.

87. Publicize your goals.

88. Treat yourself for Valentine’s Day!

89. Be unapologetically yourself.

90. Single for Valentine’s? Fake date a single friend!

91. Buy a single ticket!

92. Do what you’ll regret not doing.

93. Talk to people in elevators!

94. Do not chase.

95. It is never too late to celebrate an accomplishment.

96. To make something worth celebrating, you must celebrate!

97. Get off the floor.

98. Go on an independent adventure!

99. Initiate change.

100. Go shopping in a friend’s closet!

101. Think yourself happy.

102. Do lunch!

103. Choose adventure!

104. Be open to making new friends by making an effort to meet new people.

105. Have a [insert your name here] day!

106. Regularly back up your shit!

107. Do not accept behaviour that is unacceptable to you.

108. Grab the Bacardi, and get your ass out the door.

109. Retreat to old friends.

110. Know that sometimes it’s okay to say no.

111. Realize that your life is as exciting as you choose to make it.

112. Decorate!

113. Appreciate your single status.

114. Associate with people that make you feel good, and dissociate from those that do not.

115. Accept that you cannot control what other people do, but you can put a cap on your responsive insanity.

116. Don’t give a shit!

117. Disregard deadlines.

118. Be bold.

119. Risk your pride.

120. Be weird.

121. Do World Cup like an Italian!

122. Be hedonistic.

123. Go to a concert solo!

124. Play it on repeat.

125. Don’t look at the goddamn time!

126. Be present.

127. Do something fabulously foolish with your money!

128. Be picky.

129. Buy off the sale racks!

130. Take yourself out on a date!

131. To quote Coors Light, “Live vicariously through yourself.”

132. Say what you feel.

133. Don’t be most people.

134. Remember, you could go to Europe tomorrow if you wanted to.

135. When in Rome, say arrivederci to the gym and thank gluttony for gelato! Vacations are health-free zones.

136. Embrace everything that goes wrong. Life is funnier that way.

137. Stupid moves make entertaining stories.

138. Be lost. It’s adventurous.

139. There are no rules.

140. Ask yourself: If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?

141. Remember, you could die tomorrow.

142. Don’t wish. Do.

143. Be resilient.

144. Don’t give way to “someday.”

145. Don’t be a should-have person.

146. Look hot for no reason.

147. Befriend your co-workers.

148. At least once in your life, be unemployed by choice.

149. Be straightforward.

150. Show yourself the world.

151. Meet strangers through strangers.

152. Where there is a line, eat!

153. Listen to yourself.

154. It’s okay to go home.

155. Pop champagne under your Eiffel Tower.

156. Don’t forget that you have options.

157. Declare love to yourself.

158. Travel slowly.

159. Stop looking for the answers.

160. Don’t fall for fate.

161. Do not justify unhappiness with dollars.

162. Stop hoping for all from almost.

163. Treat yourself.

164. Declare a pajama day!

165. Everyone else’s timeline doesn’t matter.

166. Put your phone in the trunk. It’s for your own good.

167. You are not your job.

168. Do not let someone else project his or her unhappiness onto you.

169. Paint your fingernails green.

170. Get someone’s number.

171. Forgive.

172. Have an action-oriented daily affirmation.

173. Expect wonderful things to happen.

174. Just do what makes you happy.

175. Do what you have to do.

176. Experiment to see what works.

177. Pull yourself up.

178. Conquer something challenging!

179. Establish a positive relationship with money.

180. To save big, live happily.

181. The more space you give, the more space you get.

182. Wear the people that mark you. Wear them with gratitude.

183. Have an adventurer’s perspective!

184. Ask yourself: Will this matter one year from now?

185. Give something new a 30-day shot.

186. You do not need to get under someone new to get over someone else.

187. Don’t entertain other people’s pity.

188. Know your point.

189. Budgets are empowering.

190. Come into the jungle.

191. Ask/answer unexpected questions.

192. Forgive yourself.

193. Make yourself proud.

194. Go back to high school.

195. Live first; work second.

196. Head down, ass up!

197. Reach out to every friend listed in your phone. Yes, every single one.

198. It’s sexier if you don’t.

199. Stop pecking for pellets.

200. Drop your glasses.

201. Be nice to your body.

202. If you have something in you that you want to share, share it.

203. Get a Brazilian.

204. Remember your worth.

205. Answer only to yourself.

206. Be real.

207. Go to Niagara.

208. File your income tax return yourself.

209. Reside outside of your comfort zone.

210. Remember that we get more than one.

211. Go in without expectations.

212. Stick to your standards.

213. Your life as a whole is more important than any one person in it.

214. Don’t wait.

215. Accept that your definition of happiness changes.

216. Don’t hold yourself back.

217. Be sexy for yourself.

218. Celebrate your half birthday!

219. Don’t cling.

220. Call a friend.

221. Real talk.

222. Say yes.

223. Ditch your to-do list for a today list.

224. Friends make friends laugh.

225. Follow your bliss.

226. Listen to your body.

227. Ask yourself why.

228. Start as you mean to go.

229. Be to the world who you are when you’re alone.

230. The goal is to feel sexy, not to have the smallest size on the tag.

231. Ask yourself what you would do if you weren’t afraid. And then do it.

232. Stop wanting who you can’t have.

233. Work hardest at your relationships.

234. Don’t behave as expected.

235. Love your body.

236. Have a healthy relationship with your body.

237. You can change your life at any moment you choose.

238. Let your friendships change.

239. Don’t place your happiness in someone else’s hands.

240. Grow up in the most unconventional way possible.

241. Don’t put time as a restriction on anything.

242. Live in the fruit.

243. Come on, come on, come on, before the moment’s gone.

244. Don’t pursue someone who isn’t ready for what you’re ready for.

245. Don’t have a target destination. Have a target feeling.

246. Fight fair.

247. Make it happen.

248. Remember the good.

249. Drive to nowhere.

250. Staycation.

251. Put yourself in the way of beauty.

252. Make shopping an experience.

253. Let yourself grow.

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