What is The Happiness Experiment?

          The Happiness Experiment is as it sounds: a continual process of trial and error in determining what makes a person happy. The ongoing goal is a fulfilling lifestyle created by making happiness top priority. There are no rules. When I began it, I did not know what form it would eventually take and I do not know how it will evolve over time. In the beginning, The Happiness Experiment was launched to give myself permission to guiltlessly do as I pleased. I started small by getting into the habit of asking myself what I wanted to do for fun and acting accordingly. In doing so, I relearned the concept of choice.

          Sometimes, people forget that they choose the lives they live. Essentially, The Happiness Experiment is my choice to live a life that I love by putting my happiness first. Coming from a culture that promotes sacrificing now for later, I didn’t expect it to be easy to teach myself that it is okay to be happy now. To my pleasant surprise, it was much easier than I thought it would be. This blog chronicles the learning curve.

          Before The Happiness Experiment, I was convinced that happiness was just a show that people put on for other people. However, quite soon after deciding to make happiness my life priority, I began to experience it. Before long, I was happy on a regular basis. Little over two months into The Happiness Experiment, I was happy more often than I was unhappy, which had previously been unfathomable to me. Now, I can confidently say that I am a happy person – and this is coming from a girl who, before The Happiness Experiment, didn’t believe happy people existed. I truly thought that all people who appeared to be happy were faking it. Today, I know first hand that genuine happiness exists.

          In reading The Happiness Experiment, I hope you will find inspiration to prioritize your own happiness. The thing about happiness is that there is no universal way to define it. We all share the common desire to have it, but its components are different for everyone. My intent is to show you the value in uncovering your personal definition of the word and motivate you to live by it.

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