Let’s Leave Tonight

Jul 4, 2015 by

“The best plans aren’t planned.”

– As seen two days ago on the side of a bus


          Words that came out of my mouth today: “I don’t think I’ll go anywhere this year. I’m not really feeling travel.” How I went from that mentality early this afternoon/since Paris to a Europe craving by 5:30 pm, I don’t know. Oh, wait, yes I do: my high school friend/Italy buddy texted me to go suit shopping with him for an upcoming wedding.

          “This suit is a trip to Florida,” he remarked as we walked out of the store.

          He counts money the way I count money: in plane tickets.

          “Why did you let me buy this?” he turned to me.

          “You said you needed a suit,” I shrugged. “Think of it this way: You have next weekend’s wedding plus five weddings next summer. If you divide the cost by six, it’s really only a little over $50 per wedding.” Like $30 over $50 per wedding, but who needs math?

          “I could have been on a flight,” he said.

          “You could have been partway to Vegas,” I agreed, probably not making him feel better.

          Our conversation transitioned to Europe as we began listing off countries on our to-travel lists.

          “Fuck,” I texted him after he dropped me off at home, “now I feel like Europe.”

          “Let’s go. Lol,” he answered. “I’ll return my suit.”

          “Lmfao! Start planning tonight?” I suggested, knowing we’d be hanging out again in a few hours.

          “Lmfao,” he replied. “Let’s leave tonight. Fuck planning. Meet you at Pearson?”

          “Deal!” I responded. “You’re talking to the chick that met you in Italy last year because you texted, ‘I’ll see you in Rome?’ My answer to these questions is always yes.”

          “Lmfaooo,” he virtually laughed. “Imagine we just left tonight and went somewhere.”

          “Don’t do this to me,” I said. “You know I get on planes like they’re buses.”

          “Lmfaooo,” he texted back as I was already scanning through last summer’s Italy pictures.

          “I swear I just said today that I don’t feel like travelling,” I commented aloud to my mom.

          “You did, but knowing you, Treese,” she said, “you could say you don’t feel like travelling today and book a flight to Italy tomorrow.”

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