Because I Say Yes: Friday Night at the Strip Club, Part Two

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06.27.2015 - Because I Say Yes

          Last week, I saw a Facebook invite to a friend’s birthday at a strip club. Assuming we’d be watching guys dance, I was not interested. Need I remind you of the awkwardness that was my first time at a strip club? Although I was proud to have gone because I did it near the beginning of The Happiness Experiment, when doing so was well outside of my comfort zone, I was not signing myself up to be straddled by oily guys again. I’ve done it. I don’t like it. I was not in.

          That is, until I found out we’d be watching girls dance. I’ve wanted to check out a strip club with female dancers since that awkward time I watched male dancers. I was curious about how the two types of clubs compared. I figured my first experience watching naked women dance would be with a guy, because it’s more of a guy thing to do, but pole friends are just as good for it. Yes, they initiated this, and I was in.

          That is, until I found out we’d be going to The Manor . . . in Guelph. I hate Guelph. I went to the University of Guelph. You know how I feel about university, friends, so you can understand that the distaste I have for the place I spent four years studying is at a level of revulsion I don’t have words for.

          “Why Guelph?” I asked with judgement written all over my face.

          “Because what happens in Guelph stays in Guelph!” one of the girls laughed.

          “I lived in Guelph. Nothing happens in Guelph,” I flatly replied.

          I went anyway.

          Because I say yes.

          Fortunately, U of G students stick to three main areas of Guelph: the university, the mall, and downtown. The Manor isn’t located near any of them, allowing me to simply ignore familiar street signs and pretend I wasn’t in the town I vowed four years ago to never return to.

          As for the strip club itself, it was so much fun! I sat right in front of the stage. Being with a group of at least 20 girls from pole, we were very enthusiastic when the dancers performed moves that we practice in class.

          “I want that!” I yelled out when Lola did a layback. “Goals!” I shouted to my friends as I pointed at her.

          “Oh, wow, wow, wow, wow!” a friend of mine, the one in the middle of her year of yes, exclaimed.

          “I just saw way more of a girl than I’ve ever seen in my life. #sayyes!” I laughed as a naked woman split over a guy’s face in front of us. “I need to get my splits soon!” I added. (Have I mentioned that I’m ridiculously inflexible?)

          “I can’t believe that’s what you’re thinking about right now,” my friend said through laughter.

          “Well, yeah,” I replied. “When I have a boyfriend, I need to be able to do that!”

          “I love her shoes!” my pole partner yelled as Jessica walked out.

          “I love her underwear!” I shrieked when I saw Lisa.

          “It’s really tiny,” our friend noted. “I don’t know where you get underwear that tiny.”

          “Me neither,” I said. “I’ve never seen anything like that. I like the V shape in the back.”

          “It gives nice definition.”

          “Yes,” I agreed, thinking about how different the conversations going on amongst the guys around us must be.

          “Ooh! She has really nice pirouettes!” I said as I applauded Lisa.

          My pole partner nodded in agreement.

          “Her abs are to die for!” our friend added before Lisa did something with her ass that I’m not sure how to do justice in writing.

          “Wow. I am – wow.”

          “I am wow too,” I laughed, impressed.

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