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“It’s not about to-do. It’s about today.”

– Quaker Canada


          “How was Despicable Me?” I asked my coworker before our Monday morning meeting. Her birthday was on Friday, and she had told me that her ideal way to spend it would be to stay in and watch Despicable Me with her boyfriend.

          “It was good,” she said. “I love that movie. It’s so cute. How was your weekend?” she asked.

          “Really relaxing actually. You know those weekends that you decide to eff all of your to-dos?”

          “Those are the best weekends,” she smiled.




          When I woke up on Monday morning, my body was so light that I felt like I was floating. Is this what being awake feels like? I wondered. Between the gym and work and pole and aerial and socializing and writing, I’m so used to being busy and therefore lacking sleep that I didn’t even realize I was heavy.

          I had definitely noticed by last Friday that I was tired, though – and stressed. I always find it amusing how laidback I am about the big things given how frazzled I am about the little things. Quitting my job? No big deal! Flying to Paris solo? Holla! Realizing I made a grammatical error in a blog post I wrote five months ago? Stop life! I need to log in to WordPress! There was nothing in particular stressing me out. It was more so the overall pressure of having a list of little things to do. I have this running to-do list that’s been “running” for over a year. It’s filled with small tasks, like book a dentist appointment (which I finally took care of last week) or set up my outgoing voicemail message on my new cell (pending since March). But because I’ve yet to eliminate the to-do list – which I should have never started, because I hate to-do lists for this very reason – it just keeps getting bigger. I swear every time I cross something off, I add three more to-dos. Therefore, despite my to-dos being so little that the entire reason I started the list against my better judgment was to not forget to-dos that I’m worried I’ll forget given their insignificance, the list has become overwhelming due to its growing length.

          Pause. Let’s review my reasoning for this list: to not forget to-dos that I’m worried I’ll forget given their insignificance. In other words, I have unimportant stuff to do on a list because they’re so unimportant that I’m worried I won’t remember to do them. Why do I have this list again? #epiphanymoment

          Anyway, the reason I’ve been so much more relaxed this week is because, on the weekend, I decided to screw my to-dos. As per usual, I was busy all weekend, but I felt less stressed and more energized simply because I decided to relieve the pressure of to-do and just do what I wanted (i.e. abandon my laptop for downtown brunch and doughnuts with my little sister). Quaker Canada is running a campaign right now that I love. It encourages people to do more of what’s important by forgoing to-do lists in favour of today lists. People are being asked to compare their to-dos to what they’d rather be doing, prompting a reevaluation of priorities. Tweets like “Hang out with your bestie. #TodayList” remind people to do what really matters. To-do lists, unsurprisingly, don’t matter all that much.

Happiness Tip: Ditch your to-do list for a today list.

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