My Half Birthday in the Sand

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05.27.2015 - My Half Birthday in the Sand

          “When is it again?” my little sister asked.

          “May 27 . . .” I answered in a how-could-you-forget tone.




          “What day is it again? May what?” my little sister asked another time.

          “Babe, if my birthday is November 27, my half birthday is always May 27,” I reminded.

          “Oh, right. I keep thinking you count the halfway point to the day.”

          “No,” I laughed. “May 27. Every year.”




          “Reminder: My half birthday is Wednesday,” I texted my little sister a couple days ago, “a.k.a. May 27. Lol.”

          “I knowww,” she replied.




          How is it my half birthday already? If I was in Paris yesterday, then I turned 25 this morning. How did 25 and a half get here so fast?

          “Time is relative,” my Financial Chick said to me once. “When you’re 5, one year is 20 percent of your life. When you’re 20, one year is 5 percent of your life.”

          I hadn’t before heard the expedited passage of time as people age explained so matter-of-factly. The math neatly illustrates why time flies like it’s on increasingly higher doses of crack as I get older. How has it been two years since my first half-birthday celebration?

          Time is relative.

          Recall that two years ago today, I celebrated my half birthday for the first time. I was just a few months into The Happiness Experiment, already happier than I had ever been in my life (I’m still sitting here mind-blown that I’ve been happy for over two years), and looking for ways to sustain my newfound high. I wanted to ensure that my happiness had stamina, and that meant maintaining the life that I had begun to show myself was worth living. A part of that was finding/fabricating reasons to celebrate, i.e. Happiness Tip #13, derived from celebrating 23 and a half.

          The idea came out of me wishing aloud on May 2–4, 2013 that I had a summer birthday so I could celebrate outside without feeling like I’d die of hypothermia (or something else dramatic). Olivia suggested that I simply celebrate my birthday in the summer, at which point I realized that my half birthday is in the summer and it was coming up! If I could have picked any month of the year to be born in, it would have been May, because May’s my favourite. Alas, like you, I didn’t get to pick my birthday; but fortunately, May follows November by exactly six months. And so, I’ve been celebrating every May 27 since 2013 by doing things that don’t happen on November 27. Each year, I’ve celebrated with my little sister. She’s who I began half-birthday-partying with, so it’s become our May 27 tradition. For 23 and a half, we had funnel cake at Dairy Cream. For 24 and a half, we had pizza on a patio. Today, for 25 and a half, we had frozen yogurt bars at Sugar Beach, as per the 25.5 written in the sand above.

          Twenty-five and a half has been my favourite half birthday so far. It felt the most summer-like, and thus the most opposite of November 27. I had sand between my toes, frozen yogurt in my non-frozen hands, and the sun on the horizon hours past 5 pm. There was even a rainbow over the water. None of that happens on November 27.

Happiness Tip: Celebrate your half birthday!

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