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Apr 2, 2015 by

          “Hey! It’s Theresa. This is my new number!” I texted my second youngest sister as I made my way down my list of phone contacts on Sunday night.

          “Whattt?! No way!! You had your other number FOREVER!” she responded.

          “Don’t make me miss it more than I already do!” I replied. “I wrote a whole freaking blog post about this lol.”

          “OMG! I’m so reading!”




          Now that I’m over having a new phone number (which I’ve still yet to take a moment to memorize), let’s talk about the fun that was contacting everyone in my phone. As expected, it was a great way to catch up and/or make plans with people I haven’t spoken to or seen in a while (and to test my knowledge of who calls me Maria and who calls me Theresa). While I wasn’t thrilled about the change, given my ridiculous tendency toward nostalgia, having to reach out to all of my contacts was so nice! As I distributed my new number friend by friend on Sunday night, a lot of people responded (as opposed to simply saving it). As a result, I was consistently texting friends for four hours, which is more time than I spend texting in a month. I had a flood of messages the next day too, and my April social calendar is already very busy by consequence. So, as time-consuming as it may sound, I encourage you to personally reach out to (don’t mass text) your phone contacts. No new phone number is required to say hi.

Happiness Tip: Reach out to every friend listed in your phone. Yes, every single one.

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