Wonderful Things Happen

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          “Um, girl! I just found out who you’re marrying, and I need more details!” I said after a near sprint to one of my coworkers’ desks on Tuesday afternoon.

          “Weren’t you just in your one-on-one?” she giggled.

          “Yeah, that’s how I found out!” I explained.

          She continued to laugh.

          “You already told me that you got engaged in January and you’re getting married on May 16, but you did not tell me that you met your fiancé here!”

          We walked to the nearest meeting room, where I was scheduled to train with her.

          “So how did this happen?” I asked as we sat down on the couch. “You’ve only been working here for, what, a year?”

          “It’s funny that you’re asking me this today, because it’s actually my one-year anniversary. I started on March 24 last year.”

          “Ooh! Congrats!” I said. “So tell me the story.”

          It all started because she and her now fiancé used to chat whenever they were both working late. One night last May, he asked if she wanted to go play pool.

          “You know when you go out with someone and you both know, instantly, that you have something exclusive?”

          “No,” I answered honestly, “but I’m loving this! Go on.”

          “We both knew right away that this was it. There weren’t going to be any other people.”

          “Did you tell anyone at work?” I wondered.

          “No, no one at work knew until we got engaged eight months later.”

          “Oh my God, imagine you never applied to work here,” I said.

          “Imagine I had gone to the States to get my PhD,” she added.

          My mouth fell as I remembered that she had originally planned to continue with school after she finished her master’s program last year, until she decided the cost didn’t justify the expected return on investment.

          “You’re giving me hope!” I squealed. “This time last year, you were single, and now you’re getting married! Did you have any relationships prior to this one?”

          “I always ended things with guys after a few weeks, as soon as I knew it wasn’t going to work out. I don’t like to string people along.”

          “Yeah, I’m the same,” I nodded.

          “He’s the first guy that I feel excited about,” she told me.

          “I like that you used that word: excited. That’s what I want,” I said. “A relationship shouldn’t just be about companionship. It should be exciting. I’ve been excited about a guy before. It didn’t work out, but now that I know that feeling, I won’t settle for anything less. I’d much rather be single than be in a relationship I’m not passionate about. Ah! I’m so happy for you!”

          “Thank you!” she beamed.

          “How old are you? If you don’t mind me asking.”

          “Twenty-six,” she answered.

          “Twenty-six,” I repeated. “So you were 25 when you started here, like I am now. Hmm, I could be engaged in a year – or, you know, at least have a boyfriend.”

          “It could happen!” she exclaimed. “You never know what’s coming next.”

          “I love that about life,” I smiled.

          “I love your smile!” she told me for what was not the first time. “It’s so contagious!”

          “Oh, well, thanks girl!” I naturally smiled brighter. “You’re going to make me blush!” I joked as I fanned myself. “Okay, okay, maybe we should actually do some work. Ah! This is so exciting!”

          Once in a while, I need a reminder that wonderful things unexpectedly happen. On Tuesday afternoon, I got one.

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