When a Friend Says Weekend in Cancun, You Say Yes

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          Okay, seriously, can I be unemployed forever? Exactly two weeks ago, after parking my car in the driveway following my ride home from an interview for a company that I have absolutely no intention of ever working for (and I professionally told the interviewers that in a follow-up email), I saw that I had a missed call, six texts, and a Facebook message from a girlfriend I used to work with. Figuring she required my immediate attention, I quickly checked her texts. Within six separate little grey bubbles, they read as follows:


          Pick up!!!

          It’s important.

          Want to go to Cancun for a weekend??

          It’s February 20 for three nights. My friend can’t go. I need someone to go with.


          Do you ever pick up your phone?


          I laughed aloud at that last text, the short answer to which is no. I’m rarely near my phone, which drives friends crazy when they need to reach me in a hurry. I would be the worst person ever to contact in an emergency.

          After reading her messages, I called her back right away.

          “Girl!” I heard her what-the-hell tone through the phone less than a second after I clicked the call button.

          “I was driving,” I explained.

          “Did you see my texts?” she asked.

          “All I need to know is how much,” I said.

          “It’s $154.”

          “I’m in,” I replied without hesitation.

          That’s $154 for everything: $125 for the flight, $29 for the transfers, and the all-inclusive resort is free. That’s right; I’m beating the system. I’m reaping the benefits of the workplace I left without having to work at all. Cheers to having friends in the travel industry and to ditching Toronto’s extreme cold weather alert for a weekend in Mexico! On a more serious note, though, let’s talk about what I’m really excited for: endless guacamole! Yeah, yeah, tanned boys. Yeah, sand. Yeah, BBCs (banana, Baileys, coconut cream – holla!). But that guac! #heart

          Okay, okay, mostly, I’m just happy that I’m happy to get on a plane again. My interest in leaving the country took an extreme decline after Paris. Recall that I had a December ticket to New York that I disposed of, because I didn’t want to spend even a single day away from home. Based on how quickly I jumped on the opportunity to fly south this weekend, I seem to be over my little travel rut. Pearson, love, I’ll see you soon. I got my spirit back.

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