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          “Babe! Look at my bruises!” I flashed my legs at my little sister for what was not the first time this week.

          “You’re proud!” she laughed.

          “I know!” I happily clapped my hands together.

          I think I’m a borderline masochist. Pole is beating my body, and I find it highly gratifying. My legs have reddish brown and yellowish green marks from practicing spins, and I get excited every time I see a new one. Bruises are physical proof that I’m pushing myself. They’re probably also proof of improper execution, but the point is they demonstrate effort. As I improve my placement and my body gets accustomed to the pole, they’ll lessen, so I’m admiring them while I’ve got good ones!

          “Am I going to be black tomorrow?” my little sister asked.

          “Naw! It’s only a 30-minute intro class. These are from repeated contact with the pole,” I assured her as I pointed at the beauties down my legs.

          She was about to be introduced to pole dancing. (Recall that she’s 16 and I am the coolest older sister ever.) Tonight was ladies’ night at my studio, so I had the opportunity to bring her in for some complimentary mini classes. In addition to pole dancing, she was introduced to burlesque and hoop. After being reacquainted with the hula-hoop for the first time since childhood myself, I have concluded that children do not feel pain. Hula hooping was a breeze as a kid, so you can imagine my surprise when it hurt. After enough circling, my sister and I felt like our waists were being battered. Even so, she rocked it!

          “You’re doing so well!” I cheered in admiration of her coordination.

          “Pole is your thing and hoop is mine,” she smiled.

          I laughed. “You only think pole is my thing because you’re new to it.”

          It just so happened that in showing her how to execute a backward spin, I fucking nailed it! I’ve lifted my legs into backward spins before, but they’ve been lacklustre up to this point, which was completely fine with me as long as my feet were coming off the ground. Tonight, I spiraled! Not only did I spiral, I landed gracefully!

          “Who are you?” my sister exclaimed with her eyebrows raised, evidently impressed.

          “That was the first time I’ve done it like that!” I excitedly shrieked from the ground, just as impressed as she was.

          Friends, can we please talk about my progress? I just got my legs back up on Tuesday, and tonight I was legitimately spinning! During some executions, I was making two to three rotations! Ah! I love the satisfaction of learning something new, especially something that didn’t come easily.

Happiness Tip: Conquer something challenging!

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