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Nov 24, 2014 by

          Early Saturday morning, I woke up at my friends’ house in the red dress I bought for Friday night’s Christmas party. After thanking them for the bed to crash in, I slid back into my heels and hurried into the winter to start my car. I shivered a quarter of the drive home before my engine warmed up enough to allow for heat. As soon as I got to my bedroom, I unzipped my dress and stepped right into my pajamas – legit, long-sleeved, oversized pajamas – and my fuzzy winter slipper boots, deciding this to be my Saturday attire. After having just faced Jack Frost with bare legs, I wanted to be warm and cozy. I was declaring a pajama day.

          I spent the entire afternoon and evening at home writing in my pajamas, and I simply adapted my night accordingly. Luckily, my Saturday night plans were with Olivia, which meant they were flexible. She and I normally don’t decide what we’re going to do until we’re already driving, so nothing was set in stone. When she texted me for an approximate time that we’d be seeing each other, I told her that my Saturday goal was to stay in my pajamas, and suggested she come over so we could watch shows. Olivia is a TV addict, so she was all for this. I picked her up from the bus station in my pajamas (I seriously was not taking them off), and we watched How to Get Away with Murder (which I’m addicted to as a result) on my couch all night. For a chick that lives to go out, this was revolutionarily relaxing, not to mention free. Pajamas double as sleepwear and easily accessible rejuvenators, friends. You need to spend a day in them!

Happiness Tip: Declare a pajama day!

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