To Fail to Encounter, Meet, Catch, Etc.

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To feel one of the worst feelings ever, completely justifying abusive use of the repeat function on streamed Arctic Monkeys songs




          I’m in breakup mode, which feels ridiculous considering there was no relationship, a breakup prerequisite. Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure alternating between Do I Wanna Know? and 505 on repeat while indulging in recycled memories constitutes breakup mode. You may be assuming this was prompted by my incident at the Eiffel Tower a few weeks ago. Good guess, but no. Though I promise you that Arctic Monkeys had a starring role in my life during the few days following that too. No, this bout was propelled by one of those stupid dates you know is coming up to mark time passed since one of those stupid nights that, in the moment, you didn’t know was going to be significant but now is because of what followed – or more accurately, what didn’t follow. In short, I miss someone, so let’s talk about what that means.

          If you look up the meaning of miss, by which I mean type miss into, the following definitions come up:

To fail to hit or strike

To fail to encounter, meet, catch, etc.

To fail to take advantage of

To fail to be present at or for

To notice the absence or loss of

To regret the absence or loss of

To escape or avoid

Yeah, I’d say my own definition above about sums all that up. I was simply noticing an absence, which is shitty enough; but, since brought it up, all of the above apply to my situation in some way. #feelingworse

          Essentially, to miss is to be without something you want. When what you want is a person and you’ve expressed this to that person without yield, there is nothing else you can do to try to change the situation. That’s frustrating. You can attempt to alter your perspective and busy yourself to the point of exhaustion in hope of distraction (I tried both #mysummer); but if you’re honest, you know the feeling is still there. It doesn’t go away until you no longer want what you don’t have. In the meantime, you repeat whatever songs you’ve got to until the wanting stops.

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