But is he hot?

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          “Do you know what you like?” Olivia asked rhetorically. “Because I couldn’t see you with either of these guys.”

          “Ugh, but they’re so cute!” I replied, smitten. “You know what I think it is about them? They both know what they want, and I’m just not getting that from real-life guys right now.”

          We were talking about How I Met Your Mother’s Ted and A to Z’s Andrew.




          True, I don’t like sensitive guys, so technically neither Ted nor Andrew would appear to be my type per se . . . but they make me melt! (FYI: Andrew is my new Ted, now that How I Met Your Mother is – sadly – over.) They’re so charming and romantic, and they’re both looking for a relationship. I like that in a guy. And surely, the fact that I find them both physically appealing saves them when they say or do things that would normally make me cringe. (Oh God, I’m talking to you the way I talk to Olivia, as if Ted and Andrew are real guys with real dating potential. Well, you were going to find out sooner or later: I’ve decided that A to Z is my new love life in place of the one I don’t currently feel like working for. Watch it unfold Thursday nights on NBC – or, you know, stream it.) Isn’t it interesting that the exact same words or actions can completely turn you on or off, depending on who’s producing them?

          Last week, I watched the pilot for A to Z, which had me convinced from the trailer that it’s the next How I Met Your Mother. It centres around two characters, Andrew and Zelda (played by How I Met Your Mother’s girl with the yellow umbrella, but that’s not the only reason I think it has HIMYM-level potential), who meet when Zelda visits the online dating service where Andrew works. Her friend had signed her up for the site, and Zelda, who is uninterested in dating, wants to get her friend’s money back. Despite being stubbornly opposed to dating, Zelda later meets Andrew for drinks, when they realize they were both dragged to the same horrible concert a couple years prior. Andrew tells her about a girl in a silver dress he saw that night that he remembers wishing he was there with. He’s convinced that girl was Zelda, and suggests that them meeting was meant to be. Zelda, the opposite of a hopeless romantic (i.e. Andrew), lies that she wasn’t the girl in the silver dress, totally freaks out in response to all his talk of fate, and leaves.

          At this point, I paused the show to input my commentary: “She’s overreacting.”

          “He did come on strong,” Olivia disagreed over Skype.

          “But she knows she was the girl in the silver dress! I would melt if some guy said that to me!”

          “No you wouldn’t,” she laughed.

          She’s right: no I wouldn’t. I would melt if Andrew said that to me, because I’m attracted to his character (yup, the TV character that isn’t real #dontruinthisforme #newTVcrush). If some guy said that to me, I’d probably bolt for the door like Zelda did. Essentially, my response would come down to my answer to one question: Is he hot? If so, I’ll overlook minor unappealing qualities as cute quirks. (Note: That doesn’t mean hot guys don’t have potential to make themselves un-hot by way of boring personalities.) If not, I’ll turn the same minor unappealing qualities into major deal-breaking reasons why I absolutely will not date someone. Double standard? Yeah. My defense? It’s the nature of attraction.

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