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Sep 16, 2014 by

          I’m accepting it now: I’m going to be homeless in Paris. Bright side: At least I’ll save euros! Taking up board on the cobblestones only potentially costs my life – and that’s just a maybe. It’ll most likely cost nothing at all! I’ll probably eat better by saving on a room anyway. I’ll be that raggedy chick from the streets – the one France won’t house – eating escargots at Michelin-star restaurants like the queen of irony that I am. (Dearest Paris, all I’m asking for is to pay you to shelter me so I can sleep in between adoring you. Can’t you just spare me the chase and let me love you?)

          How is it that I haven’t even arrived yet, and I’m already on Paris’s bad side? I’m prone to asking questions, and Parisians don’t like them. Almost every apartment or room I’ve inquired about is suddenly unavailable the moment I ask anything more than to request a booking. To solve the problem, you’d think, just don’t ask questions, right? It’s not that simple. Parisian apartments don’t come fully equipped like the ones we’re used to in North America. Most are missing laundry machines. Many are missing ovens. Some are missing entire rooms. I thought kitchens were a French luxury; I found one place without a bathroom inside of it. As for those with bathrooms, they don’t always have toilets that flush toilet paper. Thus, I think we can all agree that my questions are not only just; they’re necessary.

          Parisians don’t humour them. I’m lucky if they say anything at all before flat-out declining me access to booking. Either they’re easily irritated or can’t be bothered; but, after multiple refusals to rent their spaces, they win. Lesson learned: Don’t question the French. I’ve shortened my inquiries to just one: Is it available? I’m less than two weeks away from the land of pain au chocolat. At this point, all I need is an affordable roof – and internet. I must have internet. Damn me to dirty laundry, kitchens without utensils, and toilets that won’t flush, but don’t threaten my internet access, France.

          Paris, you’re quite the adventure already. I am most certainly intrigued.

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  1. Getting a SIM card in Europe is really easy, check out O2 pay as you go which often comes with data so you should be fine in the internet department 🙂

    • Thanks for the tip, girl! I need it more for my laptop than my phone, so I’ll def find a place with wireless. The search continues!

      • Creating a hotspot with ur phone will allow you to be mobile and not be stuck sitting in Starbucks 🙂 getting an internet stick thing might be more expensive? But check it out 🙂 this is so exciting!

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