To My Wonderful Work Friends

Sep 12, 2014 by

          I’ve already sent you my take on the standard FYI-I’m-leaving email that everyone sends out when they resign, but did you really think all I had to say was, “See ya, friends! It’s been a pleasure!”? Do you know how much I adore you? Enough to stay at the office until 7:41 pm tonight – on a Friday – saying goodbye, even though I know we talk more outside of work than inside of work anyway. Enough to unexpectedly tear while driving to the nearest Starbucks to write this. Enough to delay tonight’s celebratory I’m-done-work plans by a few hours, specifically to relay this message first.

          Because I got sick of my boring job and the old-school workplace culture that we all know and hate, deciding to quit was relieving. However, knowing that quitting also meant not seeing you guys five days weekly put a lump in my throat – which is a total understatement, unless “lump in my throat” actually means “bawl my eyes out.” I wasn’t crying because I was sad. Trust me, I was practically skipping to my car upon exiting that office tonight. I was crying because I was grateful for how far your friendship has helped me come. For that, I would like to thank you.

          Thank you for showing me, for the first time in my life, that an office is not just a place to clock your time for a paycheque, but a place to meet fabulous people. Thank you for making me want to go to work. Thank you for teaching me that my work life and my personal life do not have to be segregated – that I can be the same person inside and outside of the office, and the two realms can mesh. Thank you for that night in Niagara. Thank you for introducing me to Moscato. Thank you for not hating me every time a song that reminds me of Grade 2 but reminds you of college comes on the radio. Thank you for supporting me whether I’m dating or on a dating break, as you know very well how quickly guys bore me. Thank you for making me burst laughter by successfully convincing your children that they’re allergic to their iPods when they break into hives at school. Thank you for including me on the team by getting me a baseball jersey, despite the fact that I preferred to watch instead of play this summer. Thank you for knowing that I’m not going to accept office birthday cake, but for trying (and failing) to talk me into eating it anyway. Thank you for persistently emailing me with a “hey you” intro because you know I hate “hey you” but it makes me laugh. Thank you for helping me scope (and track down) attractive guys at Christmas parties only to discover that they’re married. Thank you for generously offering me a 200-dollar New Year’s Eve loan, which I politely declined but was heart-melted to have nearly forced on me. Thank you for dropping all work-related matters to rush to the bathroom with me when life gets overwhelming. Thank you for proof-reading potential texts written on post-its (for ease of movement around the office, of course) in attempt to help me avoid disaster. (No thanks to all of you for approving of such neurosis. Bless the call-a-friend’s-husband lifeline for convincing me that I was fucking crazy just for contemplating sending.) Thank you for the best hummus of my life. Thank you for telling off obnoxious drunk guys for getting closer to me than you feel comfortable with. Thank you for literally jumping out of your seats in congratulations when I told you that I had resigned; thank you for the high fives, the hugs, the kisses, the excited good-for-yous, and the beams of pride. Thank you for cheerleading my European dream, and assuring me that you’re on this adventure with me via my blog. Above all else, thank you for being the first people I encountered during The Happiness Experiment to remind me what it is like to have friends. For that, you will always have an irreplaceable spot in my heart. It’s been far more than a pleasure, friends; it’s been life-changing.

Happiness Tip: Befriend your co-workers.

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