“I Wish I Could Do That”

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          “I wish I could do that” is a common reaction I’ve gotten from people to whom I’ve announced that I’m going on my dream trip to Europe. To this, I excitedly respond, “You can!” They either laugh off my encouragement or list reasons why they cannot.


          Friends, you can do whatever you decide to do. Stop placing limits on yourselves. Got a mortgage? Sell your house. Got kids? Pack them. You may be assuming by my age and the ease with which I make these suggestions that I don’t understand such obligations. Don’t you dare. I was a kid when I moved out of my parents’ house for the first time. I was paying my own rent before I could legally buy a drink. I was starving in front of an empty fridge (don’t tell my parents that; they’ll die) while other people my age were whining to their mommies and daddies for weed money. I absolutely know what it is like to have financial obligations that the roof over my head and the sustainability of my body depend on. I’m not saying getting wherever you want to go is easy. I’m saying it’s possible if you decide to make it possible.

          Once I decide to do something, I’m doing it. That’s it. I don’t tell myself I can’t, and I sure as hell don’t let other people have their two cents. No one imposes his or her societally induced limitations on me. In April 2013, I decided that I would go on my dream trip to Europe. Before I had saved a penny, there was no doubt in my mind that it would happen. It’s less than year and a half later, and I have the money to go. I saved despite renting an apartment, paying rent to my parents (though considerably less) since moving back into their house in March, and refusing to up my biweekly dream fund contributions upon that move to prove to both myself and to you darling readers that a big Euro trip is financially attainable regardless of whether or not you live with your family. It was as simple as deciding to make it happen. You can decide to make your dream happen too, but first you must decide to drop your excuses.

Happiness Tip: Don’t wish. Do.

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