Everyone’s Lost

Aug 21, 2014 by

“Come on, everyone’s lost at 25.”

– Dexter, One Day


          First off, I’m still 24. I am so not taking on the quarter-century “milestone” more than three months before I’m due. But my age is not the point. The point is, when I’m in a what-the-fuck-do-I-do-with-my-life phase (like now, for example), I find it comforting to know that everyone is lost in their twenties. Yeah, I don’t know what the hell I want right now, but neither does the vast majority of my cohort. Actually, I’m willing to bet that it’s not just twenty-somethings. I’m willing to make a deal with Vegas that we’re all living an ongoing search for . . . we’re not always exactly sure what. Thirty-, forty-, every-somethings are lost too, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. Our lifestyles need to evolve with our passions.

          Personally, I love being lost. Lucky for me, because my sense of direction is nonexistent, it happens all the time, especially while travelling. (Speaking of travel, surprise, surprise: boarding a plane to Italy in the midst of being lost does not make one found. It’s fun through!) I get this little burst of excitement when I don’t know where the fuck I am, because I don’t know where I’m going to end up or what I may come across. It means nothing is going to go according to my plan, which ensures adventure!

          Honestly, I’ve been frustrated with myself lately for not being able to pinpoint what I want, thereby not knowing where I’m going. I’m deciding to ditch that frustration for anticipation. I’m just lost, which technically means I’m in the middle of some adventure that I don’t know the outcome of yet. I have no idea where I’ll be in the short term, and that’s kind of nerve-racking, but I’m choosing to make it exhilarating instead. Rather than worry, I’m going to take action in some direction, even if I’m not sure that direction is the one I want to go in, because I can always reroute. I’m allowed to randomly wake up one morning and decide I want my life to change. I’m allowed to be lost. We’re all responsible for our own happiness, and any action toward it is better than no action.

          I know independently obtaining and maintaining our own happiness can be daunting. When I’m having a shitty day and have to remind myself that it’s my choice to take initiative to make it better, I catch myself thinking about the responsibility I have to myself to be happy. I re-realize that I’m not just going to magically be happy forever; I have to make an effort to keep it going. When I’m drained, it sounds exhausting, but it is the most valuable thing I could ever think to work for. Thus, whether lost or found (though I don’t believe we’re ever really “found” in all aspects of our lives at once, and what would be the thrill in that anyway?), we are happy if we take ownership to make ourselves happy.

Happiness Tip: Be lost. It’s adventurous.

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