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Jul 31, 2014 by

          I’m going to the airport tonight! (Yes, the Italy bragging continues!) I love airports, specifically the Toronto one (which is actually located in Mississauga, for those of you who don’t live in the GTA and probably don’t know), because being there means I’m adventure-bound. However, even if I’m making the inevitable return trip home from adventure via another airport, I enjoy the atmosphere nonetheless. Either way, adventure and I are mingling. Airports are filled with fellow adventure-seekers, ensuring that I’m amongst fascinating stories that most excited travellers are happy to tell. Just contemplating the sheer number of tales I have access to blows my mind. Naturally, airports set the scene for incredibly interesting conversations.

          Sometimes, while writing as I wait to board, I’ll pause to watch the people passing me by and imagine where they’re going and the story behind it. Because I’m a sucker for romance, in my mind, almost every person is awaiting a plane headed in the direction of the love of his or her life. Whatever people’s actual reasons for being at the airport, it’s a place of opportunity. The world is entirely accessible from there. It’s empowerment at its finest. Your destination could literally be anywhere, and it’s your choice because it’s your story.

          Darling readers, I’m due for an Italian adventure. Wish me romance! (Ha! Just wish me gorgeous guys with charming accents, okay?) I’ll return with stories!

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