You Could Go to Europe Tomorrow

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100_1052          “You could go to Europe tomorrow if you wanted to,” I recall one of my friends saying to me in March, as we were planning her Euro trip. At the time, I thought I wasn’t going back to Europe until my dream trip, which I knew was at least a year away, and I was having a Rome craving that I needed to kill before it turned into feelings of deprivation. Fortunately, it subsided when my friend made that statement. Although I hadn’t reached my minimum dream fund goal for departure yet (I have now, as of two Fridays ago!), I knew she was right. I had enough money that, if I wanted to, I could board a plane.

          Knowing this made me feel in control. It wasn’t that I couldn’t go to Europe this summer; it was that I was choosing not to go to Europe this summer because I wanted to have more time there later. This made the prospect of a second consecutive summer without Europe easier to cope with and got my Europe craving under control – until another friend of mine began persistently working to convince me to join him and his best friend in Italy. Fighting my Europe urge, I thought I made the decision to stay home. Ultimately, the prospect of meeting my friends in Italy was too tempting to stop myself from buying a ticket. My I’m-in-control-because-not-going-to-Europe-is-a-choice mentality also implied that going could be a choice – a good one. Still unwilling to compromise my dream trip for a week abroad by taking from my dream fund, I decided on a summer of minimum OSAP payments to make Europe possible now.

          My friend’s message that I have the freedom to go to Europe whenever I want stuck with me. It made me feel empowered. Even though I wasn’t planning to venture to Italy this summer, I knew that I could if I really, really wanted to, and not because of money. Money wasn’t the primary deciding factor. As proven by the flight I booked without the cash to do it, going to Italy is more a matter of choice than financial circumstance. (Note: I am not promoting using credit to back travel. I don’t think it’s financially sensible to put anything on a credit card without the money to pay for it already available to you. However, I am also not advising against doing it once. That would be hypocritical. Swiping my credit card for a flight to Rome was the best recent decision I’ve made in defense of my happiness.) To give you the same sense of empowerment, where going to Europe represents whatever your goal may be, friends, I am telling you: you could go to Europe tomorrow if you wanted to. If there is something that’s important to you, you can attain it if you want it enough to make it happen. As for me, I am going to Europe tomorrow.

Happiness Tip: Remember, you could go to Europe tomorrow if you wanted to.

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