Maybe Your Feet are Cold for Good Reason

Jul 16, 2014 by

“It’s common to get cold feet before a wedding. Sadly, it’s also common to marry the absolute wrong person.”

– Bruce, Mixology


          I am so often told that I’m picky, as if that’s a bad thing – as if being single is my punishment for having standards. Silly people, being single is the reward. Being single because I don’t yet have the guy that makes me not want to be with any other guy spares me from being stuck to the wrong person; it does not doom me [insert my eye roll here] to a life of loneliness.

          I recently heard a statistic on the radio that a high percentage of people marry despite already knowing that the relationship isn’t going to work out. I can’t remember the figure, but it was high enough to stun me – and this is coming from a girl who thinks together-forever is an outdated concept. Nonetheless, the fact that people marry without passion doesn’t surprise me. Too many people stay in unsatisfying relationships for fear of being alone. Because we’re taught to aspire to marriage, single life scares the fuck out of most people – so much so that many would rather be unhappy in a relationship than without a partner. I don’t know what makes me more sad: society’s heavy influence over how people live their lives or people’s lack of confidence in their own ability to be independent thinkers and thrive without another person. Although I am pro-divorce and think the idea of unending marriage is unrealistic, marrying with the expectation – rather than basic acknowledgement of the possibility – that the relationship will end is cowardly. People seem to forget that they have choices. Being picky in defense of your happiness is one of them.

Happiness Tip: Be picky.

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