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Jul 6, 2014 by

“For someone so chill, how do you literally not know how to chill the fuck out?”

– My best friend

(Excuse her unnecessary use of literally. She wishes she were British.)


          I’ve been doing what I should be to distract my mind: I’ve been dating to the brink of boy boredom and socializing to the tail end of exhaustion, but neither approach is working. I’m living in that haze – the one in which you appear to be present to the people around you while you’re actually lost in your own head. That bullshit that’s out of my control has sucked away my sense of awareness. I am constantly distracted, because I am continuously trying to think of ways to fix what I have no power over. It’s defeating, but I can’t help it. I cannot relax without resolution. Ironically adding to the stress, I’ve been brainstorming ways to chill. My ideas have ranged from life breaks to one-way plane tickets, but this problem is unfortunately a persistent travelling one.

          As such, I was surprised to be rid of it last night. I was at a grad party in celebration of my friend, the now Master (just sayin’! #soproud), and all my anxiety magically checked itself at the gate to his backyard. I suspect it was some supernatural elixir of old friends, new people, summer weather, sangria, and flip cup that did it. Whatever the cause, I was unexpectedly light. I was finally pulled away from my thoughts. I felt present amongst people for the first time in too long, preventing me from even thinking about the fact that I wasn’t thinking about anything and saving me from having to remind myself to pay attention. I was alert and happy without effort.

          Best of all, when I left the party and consequently remembered that problem that’s been consuming my very being, I was riding too good of a happy high to care. Admittedly, for a millisecond on the way home, I contemplated using my drunkenness as an excuse to remedy the situation via drunk texting – right before I slipped my phone back into my purse with a satisfied smirk. There was no reason to ruin a good night.

          Lesson one in chilling the fuck out: be present. (Oh, that is def happiness-tip worthy!)

Happiness Tip: Be present.

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