The 200 Level: Two Sections from Groupie Status

Jun 24, 2014 by

“And when she needs to shelter from reality, she takes a dip in my daydreams.”

Arabella, Arctic Monkeys


Arctic Monkeys          Have I mentioned that I’m obsessed with the Arctic Monkeys? Like, to the point that I’ve been rearranging my finances in my mind since I saw them live in concert on Saturday night in attempt to see them again, even though they have no other Toronto shows scheduled and any nearby ones (i.e. Chicago) are sold out. (It’s looking dim, friends, but I haven’t given up yet!) And don’t even get me started on 505, the sexiest song I’ve ever heard in my life! I’ve wanted nothing more than to lie in my bed and listen to it on repeat, and I’ve spent two nights in a row doing exactly that. (I recommend that the other seven billions peeps on this earth do the same.)

          Not only was Saturday’s show the best independent adventure I’ve ever been on, it was the best concert I’ve ever seen, topping the The Killers. Friends, you must see your favourite band or artist in concert by yourself. It’s an incredible experience. I loved it so much that I don’t think I could ever see the Arctic Monkeys live with a friend. They’re mine. (I’m sure the other 16,000 screaming fans at the Molson Amphitheatre felt the same.) I fell in love with their music this past winter, at a time when I felt like I was pushing through life on my own. A lot was going on, and I felt like AM and I were in it together. (I’m aware that Alex Turner and his crew have no idea who I am. Thanks for rubbing it in.) Their music kept me company when, no matter how many friends were around me, I felt alone in my own little world. Thus, it was fitting that I took a solo dip into theirs on Saturday night.

          Regardless of the many other fans around us, I felt like it was just the Arctic Monkeys and I. Tuning everyone else out, I danced to their entire set like I was having a solo dance party in my old apartment. This particular independent adventure wasn’t about connecting with new people. I’m confident that I can befriend strangers, so I no longer need to prove it to myself every single time I venture out alone. This one was about me. I made no effort to engage with fellow fans, preferring to let myself melt into the music instead. (Bonus: I took as many pictures and videos as I wanted without being nagged, because I didn’t owe my attention to anyone.) I was completely engulfed in AM. After the concert, I stuck my earphones in my ears and locked my eyes to my iPhone to re-watch the show as I walked back to my car, the bustling crowd disappearing from awareness as my thoughts gave way to musical daydreams.

Happiness Tip: Go to a concert solo!

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