European Temptation

Jun 9, 2014 by

          Last month, my thesis-writing friend from high school and his best friend asked me to join them in Europe this summer. Reluctantly, I declined to continue saving for my big Euro trip. Although I physically have the money to go (in my dream fund, which is untouchable until I embark on my dream trip), a short trip to Europe now would put off a longer trip to Europe later. Fortunately for my sense of adventure and unfortunately for my will power, on Saturday night, the offer got more enticing. Just as he and I were talking about his upcoming travel plans, his cousin from Italy sent him a message via Facebook. I urged him to respond immediately. He had been waiting to hear from her for weeks. She finally confirmed that he is able to stay at her place while in Rome. A.k.a. If I were to join him in Europe during the Italy leg of his trip, I would have two weeks of free accommodations. #tempting

          He caught the glimmer of hope in my eyes at the sound of the news, using it as his in. In an ongoing attempt to persuade me across the ocean, he began recalling one of our favourite memories of Rome from two summers ago: the night he swears we were roofied. (I assure you, we were not. We were, however, at the mercy of sambuca and tequila, so I’m just going to say it: I peed on a wall . . . through my underwear . . . in Roma. Yeah. Classy.) I wish I could say it took more convincing on his part, but I was researching flights on my phone before he was even finished talking to his cousin. Evidently, I’m travel easy. Today, still unable to stop thinking about it, I’ve progressed from searching for round-trip flights to scanning one-way fares. I’ve entered the danger zone, friends.

          To be continued.

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