Lesson Learned?

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          “Why shouldn’t I?” I questioned my little sister. “Because of my pride?”

          “Yes!” she exclaimed.

          “I don’t care about my pride,” I stated.

          “I care about your pride,” she retorted. (Melt my heart!)

          I did it.





          We need to talk, babe. (Yeah, I’m using “babe” to soften the blow. Why do you have to call me out on it? I am you!) You keep making the same mistake. Don’t get me wrong; mistakes are great! In fact, I encourage them. You need to fail. Your failures prove that you are bold enough to try despite uncertainty. If you hold back for fear of failure, you fail by default. Remember that.

          Thus, I do not intend to scold you for throwing your pride on the line again, nor do I mean to reprimand you for fearlessly expressing yourself. I wouldn’t do that. I do not approve of pride or fear. Pride and fear are more catastrophic than anything one might do to spite them. So, before I proceed, know that I commend your audacious character, even if it sometimes leaves you rejected amongst uncomfortable truth.

          Having said that, there is no need to repeatedly jump for the same disappointing outcome. You need to stop overanalyzing minuscule acts of change as grand proof of hope, and you need to stop hoping for something that continuously yields hopelessness. Learn from this mistake you keep making, because a mistake is only useful if you absorb its lesson. Listen, girl: this is the last time. Got it? Next time hope tries to charm its way back in, tell it to fuck off.

          P.S. Never stop relinquishing your pride. Pride is useless.



Happiness Tip: Risk your pride.

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