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          While I understand that keeping my virtual pen capped on guys who may know about my blog is in my best real-life interest, doing so is frustrating. Although I haven’t been on a date since the one in the rain a couple weeks ago, I’m already finding it challenging to keep boy talk to a blogging minimum. Guys prompt some of my most entertaining content, and I just can’t use it? Sucks.

          Fortunately, I’ve thought of a pro. I had two major reasons for not telling online dates about The Happiness Experiment: (1) I didn’t want them to have too much insight into my thoughts about them, and (2) I wanted them to get to know me in person rather than through my blog. Now that dates are more likely to come through offline channels, meaning they may already know about my blog, I’ll actually be able to talk about it on dates! #yay! I love this. My blog is my life. I live its principles and use it to relay my experiences, so I honestly prefer that guys know about it. Plus, I’ve been told it’s an attractive quality of mine. Why undersell myself by keeping it quiet?

          As for the getting-to-know-me-in-person-first argument, I don’t give a shit anymore. My blog is me. Anyone who has read it in its entirety knows me as well as anybody could, whether they’ve met me or not. If a guy I’m interested in wants to read it, he can go for it. In fact, I hope he does. Demonstrating as much interest in the way I think as he does in the way I look is sexy. Thus, I’ve concluded that it doesn’t matter if a guy uses my blog to get to know me. What matters is that he takes the initiative to get to know me at all. I no longer care if a lot of that initiative is primarily through my writing at first. People who know me personally and regularly read my blog have told me that my blog is so me that they can hear my voice saying the things I write. Therefore, whether a guy reads me or listens to me, he’s going to get the same person.

          To be clear, I was never trying to hide who I am by keeping The Happiness Experiment on the DL when speaking to guys I met online. I just liked having the freedom to express my thoughts without feeling guilty about the blunt things I had to say about them. I also wanted them to get to know me at the same pace that I would have gotten to know them (had more than two made it past the first date, and had those two made it past the second). My opinion now? Fuck it. Interest in my blog is interest in me, and I obviously like when guys I’m interested in reciprocate. So, boys, read me.

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