Cleanin’ Out My Closet

May 28, 2014 by

          I am queen of donated clothing and making do with what I’ve got. I’d rather spend my money on travel and food than clothes, a mentality that has left me with almost nothing to wear. I have so few clothes that I do laundry more than once per week to be able to dress myself. I kid you not when I say I could fit all of my clothes into one drawer. I’ve obviously failed to realize that clothes are necessary for – you know – daily life.

          Furthermore, clothes impact confidence. Hand-me-down clothes, as much as I truly appreciate them, don’t usually come in my style. I have a style. It’s not evident because I don’t own many clothes within it, but I know what I like to wear. I’m not one for crazy colours or trendy shit. I prefer clothes that I feel exude class. I like creams, greys, and black, and I think lace and pearls radiate elegance. Instead of trying to squeeze myself into other people’s styles, I would like my wardrobe to demonstrate my personal style – I would like to simply have a wardrobe! While I’m grateful that I’ve never craved malls or new clothes (my parents never focussed on clothes, so I grew up not caring about them), I believe that how you present yourself contributes to your happiness. I know I already exude confidence by being upfront about who I am. To add to that confidence, I’d like to love what I wear. When I wear something I know I look good in that accentuates my style preference, I feel on top of the effing world. Why not regularly wear clothes that give me that feeling? Plus, I’m 24; I’m in my prime. Why waste that on crappy clothes? I read a post on Thought Catalog in which Brianna Wiest encourages twenty-somethings to take advantage of how young and hot they are. I’m taking that advice.

          However, I want to emphasize that confidence doesn’t depend on appearance; it depends on attitude. When I was 18, I promised myself that I’d start striving to accept all compliments, especially those given by guys. It’s insecure to do otherwise, and I planned to fake confidence until I had it. It totes worked. I was never a chick who had guys chasing her in high school; but, at 18, guys were suddenly after me. The difference was due to the new way I carried myself. That lasted one summer. I was a depressed, self-conscious, anxious mess from the end of age 18 to the beginning of age 23. Guys became so absent from my life (because negativity is understandably unattractive) that I gave up on marriage. Yes, by age 23, I was convinced I’d never get married because no guy would want me.  The seriousness with which I believed that makes me laugh now. Through The Happiness Experiment, I regained confidence to a level that I’ve never had it before. What a difference. I’ve had more guys want to date me in the last year than during my entire life before it. I think they pick up on my energetic I-am-all-I-need-to-make-myself-happy-because-I-am-awesome vibe.

          Therefore, I want to reiterate that nice clothes aren’t necessary to have confidence. But why not give myself an extra boost? Step one: I am purging my current, barely-there wardrobe of all clothes that I do not like, do not wear, or are beyond repair. This will leave me with next to no clothes, which will force me to occasionally visit one of my least favourite places in this world: the mall. Step two: Beginning with my next pay on Friday, June 6, I am taking myself up on Happiness Tip #19 by allocating $25 biweekly to a new bank account specifically for clothes.

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