My Lips are Unfortunately Sealed

May 16, 2014 by

          Last night, while walking along the lake in the rain, the guy I was with turned to face me. Moving closer, he suggested a kiss – as if I didn’t already know it was coming. I placed my hand between us to stop him.

          “This’ll be my first kiss in the rain,” I stated. “It needs to be good.”

          He smiled, leaning forward and lifting his hand to my ear in preparation to twist my hair behind it.

          I stopped him again. “You’re going to have to lift me,” I playfully instructed.

          “Lift you?” he exhaled in amusement.

          “Yes, lift me,” I confirmed.

          He slid his arms behind my upper thighs to separate my heels from the ground and raise me above him. Looking down at his lips, I slowly leaned into them as I placed my hands on his neck and rain spattered the moment.

          Spoiler alert: Kissing in the rain is far more romantic in the movies than it is in real life.




          Darling readers, I have to break something to you. I have a life versus blog dilemma. Last week, I noted my excitement for the onset of summer and the boys to come with it. I explained that I don’t feel the need to go online in search of dating prospects, because I meet new people so often now that I’m confident new guys will enter my life by natural consequence of social activity. It’s already proving to be true. For example, I met the guy I kissed in the rain last night because of a couple recent parties the friend I met through OKCupid invited me to.

          Given that potential dates could be friends of friends, there’s a good chance that they’ll know about The Happiness Experiment (which is guy bait, by the way; they love it) before I even go out with them. If I already have them on Facebook, there’s also a possibility that they’ll have read it (which I love and totally scores them points!). Therefore, I can’t be as candid about my dating life now as I was when I was online dating, which conveniently allowed me to speak to guys about my happy life while leaving out the fact that I write about it. For one, I am blunt. My evaluations of dates can be harsh, and I don’t want any guy to feel bad about himself because of an opinion I write. As you may have noticed, my criticism of dates isn’t necessarily constructive. Secondly, I may not want guys in on the details of my thoughts about them. Although I directly tell them if I’m interested and politely reject them if I’m not, I may not want them to know the factors behind my interest level, because I don’t want what I write here to impact my progression with guys I find attractive or affect any friendships with guys I decide I don’t want to date but like spending time with. So, friends, as fun as it is to write about my dating life (which, FYI, has recently gotten exciting!), particularly following the bad dates (they make for the funniest stories), I’m going to have to keep much of it offline. I’ll use my discretion to keep you as informed as I can without prompting real-life repercussions.

          Regarding yesterday’s rainy date, what I will tell you is that I had a good time with a great guy. (Note: He does read my blog, but my words are honest nonetheless. I would never sacrifice my honesty to appease someone else. I would simply choose to say nothing at all rather than be dishonest, hence why I may have to keep you completely out of the loop about future shitty dates with guys that read my blog. Sorry, friends. I know this totes sucks.) We have many similar values and he has a lot of the qualities I’m looking for in a future boyfriend. What’s missing on my end is that exciting feeling that comes with being attracted to someone. I know that feeling. It wasn’t there, and I won’t settle for less. That feeling is the difference between guys with boyfriend potential and guys with friend potential. Thus, this one has been friend-zoned. The friend zone has a negative connotation, but it shouldn’t. It’s a positive thing. A new friendship came out of last night’s date, which is far more than previous guys that have gone out with me can say.

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