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          “Do you want to just wing it?” my dad asked me after a few hours of hanging and levelling picture frames on my bedroom wall.

          “No,” I laughed. “Dad, who are you talking to?”

          Those frames needed to be perf!




          Peeps, last night, I finally – wait for it – finished unpacking! Insert fireworks here! It only took me 72 days from my move-in date to make this happen. I kept ditching the task in favour of going out. It took me until the end of April to finally start setting aside some time for it. It’s taken until now to finish, because spending one full Saturday at home unpacking drove me fucking stir crazy. To avoid insanity, I had to slowly complete it a little bit at a time during after-work spurts on nights that I didn’t have plans. This made it more manageable and made me feel less socially deprived. Alas, I have a fully functional bedroom that totes looks like a mini version of my apartment! Yay!

          I’m so glad I decided to make my bedroom pretty. When I decided to move into my parents’ house, I wasn’t planning on putting any effort into my bedroom. I was simply going to stick my bed in there, and store everything else in my parents’ basement. For this, I had three reasons:

1. The room has ugly pink carpet.

          Yes, this was legitimately one of my arguments for not decorating. I’m a recovering all-or-nothing thinker – emphasis on recovering. If I was going to decorate my bedroom, everything about it needed to be as I wanted. If it couldn’t be, decorating was a no-go. Either my room was going to be completely beautiful or completely ugly; I don’t do halfway. I quickly identified this as a stupid perfectionist tendency and decided to deal with the pink carpet, hoping the freshly painted walls, stunning travel images, and dark furniture would take away from it. Maybe it’s because I’ve been living in the pink-carpeted room for the last two and a half months, but I hardly notice it anymore. Seriously, though, pink carpet? What the fuck were ’90s builders thinking?

2. I was moving into my parents’ house to save money, so I felt that spending on décor was unacceptable.

          This wasn’t that valid of an argument to begin with. I already had furniture and décor from my apartment. I decided I might as well use it instead of letting it collect dust in my parents’ basement. I realized that decorating my bedroom would cost me no more than some paint, new blinds (which I successfully shortened from 64 inches to 33 inches without impairing their functionality! #DIY!), a pack of wall anchors, and three photo prints, bringing the total cost of decorating my room to only $79.88. I could easily stomach that.

3. This move was intended to be temporary. I didn’t want to get comfortable.

          This was the biggest mental obstacle to overcome. At first, I didn’t feel like I deserved a pretty room. I didn’t want to like where I lived, because going back to my parents’ house felt like a step backward and I wanted to push myself out as quickly as possible. I eventually chose to fuck this mentality. I had set aside my pride to make a smart financial decision. I did not need to punish myself for it.

          Furthermore, I didn’t know how temporary this situation would be. I have huge financial goals to tackle while living with my parents, beginning with paying off my student loan and ending with saving a down payment. Realistically, I may be here for years. On the other hand, I could decide I want to rent within months. Who knows? The Happiness Experiment has shown me how vastly I can change my life in a short period of time. Had someone asked me at this time last year where I’d be living now, I would have answered my apartment. Clearly, that is not the case. Thus, I can’t possibly know whether or not I’ll live with my parents the entire time it takes me to pay off my loan and save a down payment or not. What if I get married? What if I move to another country? What if I [insert other cool things that could happen here]? I could be at my parents’ house for years or just months; but, regardless, I want to enjoy where I live while I live there. Liking where I live is important to my happiness, making decorating a must. Though it was a slow and, at times, emotional process, I’m so happy to live amongst the essence of the apartment that I absolutely loved. Check out the before and after pics below! Classy, right? I know; I’m a classy chick.

Happiness Tip: Decorate!


Before: Ugly!

Before 1

Before 3


After: Pretty!

After 1

After 3

After 4

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  1. your room is super cute! Decorating my room gives me wayyy too much happiness lol

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