The Allure of Single Life

May 12, 2014 by

          People often comment that my life is exciting. I love hearing that, because it is; and, because that statement would have been 100 percent false at the beginning of last year, it reminds me that I’ve brought my life a long way from where it was. My social life in particular never stops amazing me. It just keeps expanding. I now sometimes have to decline social invites to avoid conflict with others. For example, on Saturday, I had to say no to four day-of invites because both my afternoon and evening were already booked. Is my social life real? I am absolutely mind-blown every time I have to decline something because I already have plans. I’m actually in a position that I don’t need to be concerned if I by chance don’t have plans for an upcoming weekend (which is so not the case for May; even my weekdays are already pretty rammed through to the end of the month); invites will usually come my way by the end of the week.

          During lunch with one of my work friends on Friday, in between whatever story I was telling, she made that “your life is so exciting” comment that I love – right before disappointedly warning me to wait until I’m married (she’s married) in a tone that definitely implied marriage as the death of excitement. I’ve heard talk like this from various married or coupled people, which has me thinking about the allure of single life. It seems to me that coupled people who long for single life are more interested in the activities associated with it – late nights out, weekend trips, spontaneous adventures – than the various kissing options. Therefore, being in a relationship isn’t so much a factor of boredom as it is a scapegoat. The major difference between coupled life and single life is that coupled people can only kiss one person and single people can kiss whomever the hell they want. Thus, while in a relationship, other than keeping your lips to your person, you can live the same lifestyle that you did while single if you choose to. You can still dance all night with your friends and end up on planes at the last minute if you make it happen. If you choose otherwise, don’t blame your relationship; blame yourself. Your life is what you decide it to be.

Happiness Tip: Realize that your life is as exciting as you choose to make it.

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