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          My Outlook calendar at work is starting to closely resemble my social calendar. I’ve been booked for lunch with friends most days this month. I didn’t think anything of my increasingly regular workday social hours until I remembered that lunch breaks did not go down at my old workplace. Once in a while, they were squeezed in between endless chaos for special occasions, like holidays. Otherwise, they were nonexistent. No one, including myself, had the time. Accustomed to that extremely fast-paced workplace culture, I didn’t begin pausing my workday to spend time with my current co-workers until this past fall, over eight months into working my present job. Of course, I saw my work friends outside of work, but breaking for an hour to socialize during the day didn’t initially occur to me.

          Now that my midday dates are a typical part of my work life, I want to emphasize the importance of taking a lunch. Not only does it give you a break from your work and help the day fly, it is a great opportunity to further your social life. Lunch allows me to catch up with the friends that I don’t normally see outside of work (because they have kids, for example), and gives me additional time with the friends that I do go out with. For me, lunch is more about socializing than eating. (Truth: I don’t eat lunch. I know, I know, how do I survive? Cue my eye roll. Skipping lunch does not make me malnourished, peeps. During some days with my previous employer, there was no time for any meal at all, so lunch-free living is no big deal. I’m used to it. I’ve been skipping lunch since elementary school. The primary reason, in all honesty, probably comes down to laziness. This girl is not getting up early to make herself a lunch nor is she preparing one in advance. That is simply not in the nature of a procrastinator. I’ll eat pre- and post-work, when I can just grab food from the fridge and go, thank you very much.) I’ve developed and strengthened relationships with people simply by lunching with them. Lunch enables me to interact with friends more frequently. Extra time allocated to friends on the reg adds up to progressively more in-depth conversations and closer connections. Don’t pause your social life for your 9-to-5, friends. Use your job to enhance it.

Happiness Tip: Do lunch!

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