Doubling my Wardrobe: $0

Mar 19, 2014 by

          Last night, I went to my friend’s house, taking her up on her offer to raid her closets. Yes, that’s closets – plural. She uses two regular-sized closets, a walk-in, a wardrobe, and a dresser, and she stashes whatever doesn’t fit in those on the chair beside her window. This girl has enough clothes to run Fashion Week. There are too many items for her hangers, which probably number in the hundreds. She needed to get rid of some to make way for new clothes, and I conveniently have empty hangers to dress.

          To put my wardrobe into perspective, all of my clothes would comfortably fit in one drawer. I knew that I owned very few articles of clothing, but I didn’t realize how hard-up for clothes I was until Olivia moved out. I used to borrow Olivia’s stuff all the time. I probably wore her clothes more often than I wore my own, because hers far outweighed mine. I’ve always preferred to save money over shop, but without Olivia’s wardrobe to supplement my own, it’s been slim pickings. When my friend invited me to sift through the store of stylish clothing that resides within her house, I was incredibly appreciative. She said she’d rather give the clothes she no longer wears to a friend than to the poor. She hit two birds with one stone. I am the poor.

          By the end of the night, I had changed in and out of so many clothes that my arms felt as though they had just been weightlifting. It was the biggest shopping spree of my life. I left her house with a garbage bag so full of clothes that the plastic was ripping. I suddenly owned brands that I’d never buy, but was more than happy to receive for free. For example, I’m officially the owner of a Coach purse. Um, frugal people like me do not own Coach; we can’t even afford to look at Coach, yet I’m about to rock it. I feel like such a rich bitch, holla! The clothes in that bag probably value higher than all clothes I’ve ever owned in my lifetime combined. Thanks to my generous friend, I’ve literally more than doubled my wardrobe without spending a penny! That, people, is how a broke girl shops on a budget!

Happiness Tip: Go shopping in a friend’s closet!

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