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          “Was there a sale at the fudge store?” the security guard checking my ID outside of the casino asked me, pointing to my Swiss Fudge bag.

          “No, but I got four fudge flavours for free!” I smiled.

          “Really?” he and the security guard beside him asked in unison shock.

          “Yeah,” I laughed, “I did.”


          “I’m just charismatic and charming like that,” I cockily shrugged with a smirk. “And the guy who works there was really nice,” I admitted.

          “Oh, the guy was nice,” one mocked in understanding. “Did you give him your number?”

          “Well, he did give me free fudge,” I indirectly answered as I walked toward the casino.

          “You did give him your number!” he accused with a pointed finger.

          “Have a good night, guys!” I waved with a laugh to the boys I was apparently on dish-about-my-life status with within 60 seconds.




Pretty chocolates and free fudge!

Pretty chocolates and free fudge!

          After work last night, I made a solo venture to Niagara for my one-year anniversary of The Happiness Experiment. My Facebook status announcing my solo mini road trip caught the attention of friends, who (a) requested invites for next time, (b) were seriously impressed by my independence, and (c) wondered what the fuck I did in Niagara alone. As I most often do when I go out alone, I had a fab time! One of the advantages being out by myself is that I’m more apt to meet people. I tend to meet people while out in general, but I’m more inclined to get chatty with strangers when alone, simply because I’m not already talking to friends, making me more available to strike random conversation.

          For example, there’s a fudge store in Niagara’s Fallsview Casino that I always spend way too much time in only to never buy anything. In pursuit of a free sample, I dropped by yesterday. Because it was my anniversary of The Happiness Experiment, I finally bought a few chocolates. While taking until the end of time to decide what I wanted (I eventually chose a champagne truffle, a cherry cream truffle, a peanut butter cup, and a white chocolate salted caramel), I started talking to the guy who works there. In witnessing my struggle to decide on a fudge flavour to add to my chocolate stash, he offered me four flavours of fudge for free! It’s a perk he gets for working there, and he gave it to me, a complete stranger, instead of using it himself! How sweet is that? I literally had to wave my hands by my eyes to hold off happy tears.

          “Sorry, I’m being such a girl right now,” I laughed, still waving off potential waterworks. “Kind strangers make me emotional,” I explained.

          I never fail to be blown away by people’s random acts of kindness toward me. Unlike before The Happiness Experiment, I befriend strangers like it’s as easy as breathing. These strangers are nice to me because people get what they give. Interactions are dynamic. People play off one another. If one delivers friendliness, friendliness is typically reciprocated.

          Laughing, he reminded me, “It’s just fudge.”

          “I really like fudge,” I said, clasping my hand to my heart.

Happiness Tip: Go on an independent adventure!

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