Officially a Boomerang!

Mar 2, 2014 by

“The more you celebrate, the more that you believe your life is worth celebrating.”

Chrissy Stockton


          My mom left me a cute voicemail the other day: “Are you ready? I know you don’t want to leave your apartment, but I thought we could celebrate you coming back home. Have you had your junk item yet?” (I love that she has my health rules down.) Though reluctant to move, I thought celebrating was a great idea! My new living sitch is what it is, so I might as well get excited about it! I figured that celebrating something I didn’t initially feel was cause for celebration would make it cause for celebration, thereby making the reality of it fabulous. Celebration sets the expectation of good to come. If I want the results of my decision to move back into my parents’ house to be positive, I have to be positive about it. Cue dessert! My mom knows that I respond well to all things edible, so she suggested celebrating with cookies and my fav peanut butter ice cream. Done! Moving back into my parents’ house after years away definitely calls for the good stuff. To all those who have also boomeranged back to their parents’ place, peanut butter ice cream works wonders for hurt pride. Cheers to the home that I’ll always have the key to!

Happiness Tip: To make something worth celebrating, you must celebrate!

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