David Rocco Night!

Mar 1, 2014 by



          Two years and three months ago, when Olivia and I first moved into this apartment, we said that we’d celebrate by having a David Rocco night. We were going to test recipes from his cookbook, Anna-and-Kristina’s-Grocery-Bag style, and eat like queens. Regrettably, we continuously pushed it off, thinking we’d eventually get around to it. Sadly, we never did; we never properly celebrated our move in. Olivia has now been gone for a month and I move out tomorrow (my awesome landlords gave me the weekend, because no one is moving in sans floor and they’re in San Fran), so I’m celebrating my apartment by having my own David Rocco night. I considered making dunderi, but thankfully stopped myself. Making the ricotta equivalent of fresh gnocchi at near midnight on the eve of my move seemed a little ambitious, especially since I’ve yet to start packing (I’m not ready to acknowledge that I’m leaving, okay?). Not needing another macaron situation on my hands, I decided on strawberries with aged balsamic and a sprinkle of black pepper, a.k.a. crack. I love Italian for its beautiful simplicity. Cheers to my home!

Happiness Tip: It is never too late to celebrate an accomplishment.

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