In Dedication to the Elevator

Feb 27, 2014 by

          I’m in mourning. I’m days away from moving out of my apartment, and I’m getting emotional over every little detail of it. For example, the fire alarm went off at 4 am the other night for the first time in forever. I hate when that happens, yet I’m already missing its stupid, deafening sound. Which reminds me, sirens won’t constantly be going off in the background of my life anymore. No more cops busting penthouse drug dealers? What? This is all so sad. (P.S. I swear I don’t live in the ghetto, though I wondered when I first moved in.)

          In the midst of grief, it’s hitting me that I won’t have an elevator to ride everyday. Daily elevator rides have been a part of my routine for over two years. Given the many brief, between-floor chats I’ve had since starting The Happiness Experiment, I can’t believe I haven’t happiness-tipped talking in elevators yet. Now that the elevator is about to depart my day-to-day (#sofuckingsad), I needed to commemorate it with a post. It played a significant role in boosting my social confidence. It was because of a positive elevator encounter last April that I began forcing myself to speak upon entry. It was a simple thing that I thought I could do to build confidence in talking to people I didn’t know. It quickly became natural. I met my neighbours because of the elevator, I once exchanged phone numbers with someone because of the elevator, and I started talking to random people outside of the elevator because of the elevator. So, to the elevator that helped me regain comfort in talking to strangers, this happiness tip is dedicated to you.

Happiness Tip: Talk to people in elevators!

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