Refusal to Regret

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My solo dance parties gone live!

My solo dance parties go live!

          Kings of Leon’s Supersoaker and Sex on Fire are two of my favourite solo dance party songs. Supersoaker because it’s obviously amazing. Sex on Fire because I spent weeks after quitting my old job jumping around my apartment, yelling, “Head while I’m driving, I’m driving,” into whatever my hand claimed as an impromptu microphone. Rocking out to lyrics like, “But it’s not forever, but it’s just tonight. Oh, we’re still the greatest,” (#onenightstand #jealous!) became my equivalent of freedom. That song will always remind me of the summer nights I danced before my apartment’s wall-to-wall living room windows, watching the sun go down as I twirled on the spot like the world was my oyster. I wish I could bottle that high to dive into whenever I miss home while at my parents’ house.

          Of course, when I found out Kings of Leon would be coming, I began asking around to see who would be down to go to their concert. Unfortunately, few of my friends listen to the same music that I listen to. Those who do like Kings of Leon don’t like them enough to see them live. To be honest, I wasn’t even that familiar with Kings of Leon myself. I wanted to go for Supersoaker and Sex on Fire, previously the only two Kings of Leon songs I knew, but felt that I needed to know more than two songs to justify buying a ticket. When I finally found someone who wanted to come with me, I got to work on liking the Mechanical Bull album. I played it on repeat at work with strict self-instructions to like it. After a few days of this, I liked some of it. Good enough! Sadly, though, the friend I was supposed to go with found out that his uncle was diagnosed with cancer on Friday. Terminal illness 1,000 percent takes priority over a concert. I completely understood, and decided against going myself, settling on saving the money.

          By late yesterday afternoon, I had bought two tickets, called my little sister to tell her we were going to London, and embarked on the 2.5-hour mini road trip to see Kings of Leon. Fuck the fact that I probably should have allocated the money elsewhere (especially considering the Arctic Monkeys ticket I bought the day before). #TheHappinessExperiment! Those two songs mean a lot to me. I knew I’d regret not going to see them live, and regret has been on my mind lately. A new friend of mine recently told me that she liked this blog post I wrote on the topic, in which I touched on not wanting to regret what I do not do. With that in mind, ensuring I wouldn’t regret not seeing Kings of Leon was necessary. The energy that physically vibrated through me when they closed with Sex on Fire was worth every probably-should-not-have-spent penny.

Happiness Tip: Do what you’ll regret not doing.

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