I’m Going to See the Arctic Monkeys . . . Solo!

Feb 22, 2014 by

          For nearly three months, Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys, the first single released from their latest album, AM, has been playing in the background of my life. I’ve listened to this song for eight hours straight at work, I’ve fallen asleep to it on repeat, and I’ve not-so-jokingly joked that I need a boyfriend to make proper use of it (it is nothing short of fuck-worthy). I’m addicted. Because of it, almost a month ago, I finally listened to the entire album. After my first listen (the album earned instant repeat status), I was looking up concert dates. In less than 45 minutes, I had become a devoted Arctic Monkeys fan. In search of Toronto on their list of gigs, I saw no upcoming performances scheduled. I found out that they had already visited Toronto in September, before I knew who they were.

          Of course, I didn’t give up that easily. I began scanning through their American concert dates, prepared to cross the border for these guys. Eagerly skimming, I quickly saw that they would be playing New York in little over a week. Too excited to proceed in logical order, I was on the Greyhound website, ready to buy a bus ticket before I had even thought to login into my bank to check that I could afford it. Yes, I had listened to the album only once at this point, yet I was seriously planning to go to NYC alone to see their concert alone, and have a fucking awesome spontaneous Saturday night with the Arctic Monkeys. Needless to say, Arctic Monkeys have become my new musical obsession.

          Cue the call from my mom to tell me that she was having my little sister’s sweet 16 on the same day as the concert. That was that. The Arctic Monkeys were out in favour of the little sister I’ve loved longer. I told myself that it was probably best that I couldn’t go. I would save about $200, considering the ticket to NYC, the concert ticket itself, and the cheapest food I could source in the city. I settled on just short of begging the Arctic Monkeys via Twitter to play Toronto, as if some random chick requesting their presence on the other side of the world would bring them here.

          It worked! Today, I got a text from my friend that the Arctic Monkeys are playing Molson on June 21! (I love that she knew to text me immediately. I promote their music like it’s my job, so it’s become well known that I love them off.) I like to think that @thehappinessX had a little something to do with this, because of course the Arctic Monkeys added to their tour on a whim in response to an unknown girl’s tweet. (I had nothing to do with this.) When I got my friend’s message, I was on my way out with my scarf, jacket, and boots already on. Forgetting about wherever I was going, I got on Ticketmaster. The tickets went on sale this morning, and Ticketmaster was already down to single seats this afternoon. I found one at the 200 level. On StubHub, there were two seats available at the 400 level for a higher per-person price. The clock was ticking on my single ticket at 200. I had two minutes and 30 seconds to decide between going it alone and buying two tickets in hope of convincing someone to go with me. Fuck it, I thought, I’m going solo! I could sit closer for less money, and I wouldn’t have to ask everyone I know if they like the Arctic Monkeys enough to go see them. Sold! (I remembered later that my little sister likes them. Oh well!)

          This time last year, I wouldn’t even have considered signing myself up to go to a concert alone. Today, it was my preferred choice. My confidence surged as I clicked through the billing process. When I got to the insurance option, I paused. I never insure concert tickets. I realized that I was pausing to contemplate the opportunity to be reimbursed for my single ticket later, in case of finding someone to go with. There was no way I was chickening out of such a fabulous opportunity for an independent adventure! I refused insurance, as per usual, and purchased my ticket. The rush of independence was exhilarating!

Happiness Tip: Buy a single ticket!

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