That Could Change by the Second

Feb 3, 2014 by

          After a few hours of writing in Starbucks yesterday as my floors were being torn out of my apartment, I was packing up to return home. I stopped my music, removing my earphones in time to overhear two friends bump into each other nearby. They exchanged the exaggeratedly high-pitched hi-how-are-yous typical of surprise run-ins.

          The girl answered the guy with a boring, “Good! How’s it going?”

          The guy’s response was less automatic, catching my attention. “Nothing extravagant going on,” he shrugged, “but that could change by the second.”

          How profoundly empowering. I clearly picked the perfect time to eavesdrop. That statement, as simple as it was, had depth. The Happiness Experiment has certainly taught me that you can choose to change your life at any time. Having just said a final goodbye to my best friend the day prior, declared a pause on my boyfriend search less than a week prior, and lost my floorboards moments prior, I appreciated that little reminder that life evolves. I smiled to myself, realizing that I am already in the midst of change given all of the above, and more of it is surely on its way. How exciting is that?

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