Splash Works

Jan 31, 2014 by

          A pipe burst four floors above my apartment on Wednesday night. Olivia woke me at some ungodly hour of the early morning, because she heard water pouring into the bathroom. No, not dripping. Pouring. It was as if the vent in our bathroom ceiling transformed into a faucet overnight. Almost every towel we own was hurriedly tossed into that bathroom to stop the water from seeping into the rest of our apartment. Outside of the bathroom, there were three other leaks: one above the kitchen counter, one between the kitchen and the living room, and one near the bedroom doorway. The ceiling was cracking and the floorboards were rising, and all I could do was laugh. Olivia didn’t find the situation quite as humorous as I did, but what else was I to do? Property management knew of the issue, and would get to our unit after addressing the surely more severely damaged units above us. We were out of towels, and the water was still coming down. Our apartment smelled like urine, and it sounded like a splash pad. This was more entertaining than the date I had just come home from a few hours before!

          Friends, recall Happiness Tip #42: Laugh it off! Life is so good when you find humour in it. To add to the hilariousness, the hardwood needs to be entirely ripped out and replaced, and no one is home to sign the waiver allowing the construction workers to start. I burst into laughter when I got the call. Hopefully, my white couch survives the reconstruction of my apartment. This is hysterical. Last night, I wondered if I’d come home to a swimming pool in my apartment. Tonight, I’m wondering if I’ll have an apartment to go home to at all. Too effing funny! #condoliving

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