Pulling Out of the Pursuit

Jan 27, 2014 by

          I’m going to relax my boyfriend search until further notice. Though fruitless in yielding any potential Prince Charmings so far, my dating life has picked up as I’ve actively sought out dates, primarily online. However, as the emotional fallout of my choice to cut contact with Olivia has begun to unfold, I’ve realized that I’m going to need some time to heal before I can be fully attentive to guys during dates. I feel that it will be difficult to be available to them while my emotions are being overtaxed by grief. Therefore, I want to take time to independently mourn my loss in order to healthily move on, so I can avoid distraction while dating and be open-minded to guys. Right now, more than I want a boyfriend, I need my friends and my me time.

          That’s not to say that I’m going to close myself off to guys or opportunities to meet them. Relaxing my search does not equate calling the whole thing off. Getting a boyfriend is still a goal; it’s just slightly dropped down my priority list for the time being. While I’m going to give myself a break from online dating, the source of almost all of my dates, I’m not going to say no to any potential Prince Charmings I may be introduced to through people I know (friends, do not – I repeat – do not stop looking for me!) or encounter while out. Rather, I’m temporarily taking the pressure off myself to go looking for them. If I happen to meet cool guys despite doing so, fabulous! Otherwise, I’ll take effortful action again once I’ve recharged.

          P.S. I declined a coffee date on the weekend. I knew coffee was coming for me. Dating gods, I said I was fucking sorry!

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