An Anomaly: A First Date that Didn’t Suck!

Jan 18, 2014 by

          Wednesday’s rock-climbing date was a good one. (Yes, I actually did just write that I enjoyed a first date. I know, I had to go back to re-read it too. Look up, friends. Pigs are totes flying.) The guy was attractive and able to hold conversation without being prompted by questions, and the climbing itself was fun. I would willingly go out with this guy again. Having said that, please don’t start planning my wedding, like I’m worried my friends are doing as I type this. They are so ecstatic that I finally had a good first date that they’re more eagerly awaiting his ask for a second date than I am. (Love them! They’re happiness for my happiness makes me melt.) Because this guy didn’t make me feel the need to gag, my friends have already suggested that I’m headed in the direction of landing a boyfriend, asked if I’m going to stop meeting other guys, and questioned when I plan on revealing The Happiness Experiment. Oh, how they make me laugh.

          Ladies, you are hilarious and completely warm my heart, but let’s stay grounded in the present. I had a good time, but I don’t know if I’m interested in this guy yet, sillies! I know only that he has second-date potential; I have no clue if he’s boyfriend material. Even if he turns out to have relationship-worthy qualities, of course I’m not going to stop going out with other guys. I will go on as many crappy and hopefully not-so-crappy first dates as it takes to find Prince Charming. No guy will have me exclusively until we are officially in a relationship. Exclusivity is a boyfriend privilege that non-boyfriends shall not be granted. I will not commit until committed to, especially not after one date, pretty ladies.

          As for telling any potential boyfriends (which this guy is not yet, because I barely know him) about The Happiness Experiment, I’m not sure how I’m going to time that. I’ll have to feel it out when I get serious with someone. Letting guys know that I have a blog too soon would give them more insight into me than I want them to have early on. The Happiness Experiment will be a subject only to be discussed with guys that either become my friends or have demonstrated relationship potential.

          So, my beautiful, well-intentioned girlfriends, try not to get ahead of yourselves. It was simply one good date. Don’t get me wrong; I am grateful for it. As fun as shitty dates are to write about, I can’t say the same about living them. Thankfully, this guy reminded me that fun first dates are possible. Whether I see him again or not, he gave me hope that there are still single guys out there that I would enjoy going out with. He also provided support for the dating attitude that I’m beginning to develop: if not this guy (or that guy or that guy), then next! There are lots to choose from. Most guys are not going to intrigue me romantically, but that doesn’t mean that I’m bound to find all guys unappealing. Eventually, after I’ve sifted through enough duds, I’ve got to like one of them. The more guys I meet, the higher my chances of meeting one that I’m compatible with. It’s basic probability.

          Luckily, I’m not guy-hopping without backup. My group of dating cheerleaders has grown in number since the summer. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m looking for a boyfriend. I throw out my if-you-know-any-gorgeous-funny-social-single-guys-hook-me-up spiel like it’s always appropriate conversation. I’ve taken telling people that I’m looking for a boyfriend to new levels by going beyond my friend and family circles. I tell innocent people that pass by my desk at work, people that mention the opposite sex in any capacity, and even people that I’ve never met (oh, the power of social media) that I’m looking for a boyfriend. I might as well post an ad on Facebook.

          Supportively, friends are waiting as anxiously as I am for the moment that I’m finally in a relationship. The days following my dates are primarily made up of my repeated storytelling, as various people call or stop by my desk to get the details. (I should start booking out a meeting room at work, so I can update everyone at once.) I absolutely love it!

          Thank you to everyone invested in my dating life: the ladies that are happier than I am when I have a date, the guys that listen to me complain about other guys, and the people that like and favourite my Facebook and Twitter date announcements (I see you friends supporting me via social media, and I adore all of you for it!). Because of you, I am far from alone in my search.

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