Cost of Boomerang Membership: My Pride

Jan 12, 2014 by

          Today, I told my parents that I’m moving back into their house. This is my best option. Spending additional money on rent to live alone would directly impact my dream fund. Although I would absolutely love to live solo, doing so isn’t worth delaying my departure for Europe. I would rather wait until I’m financially prepared for home ownership to live autonomously. In the meantime, beginning late February, I will be a boomerang. (My landlords are the best. They were willing to accept notice of vacancy a few days late, so Olivia and I can still move out before March.) My parents, while sad to hear about Olivia and I (she was one of their other daughters, because with four kids come their friends), are happy to soon have me back. Honestly, they wish I would live with them forever. I’m lucky in that way.

          Throughout the past couple months, my biggest argument against moving back into my parents’ house has been that I highly value my independence and my pride surrounding it. Entering my parents’ front door with the intent to stay would risk both. While friends have repeatedly told me that I’m one of the most independent people they know and living with my parents doesn’t change that, I need to come to things on my own. Although I like to collect people’s opinions when making big decisions to help me consider different perspectives, my self-judgments ultimately have more weight on my choices than what other people think. Therefore, I am grateful that my mindset has finally changed.

          A little lost pride now can generate a lot more pride later. Living at my parents’ house will open financial opportunities. Forgoing solo living in my mid-twenties, at a time when my only option to live alone is to rent, will put me in a better financial position to live as I please in the future. Thus, rather than looking at my boomerang back to my parents’ house as the death of my independence, I am choosing to see it as a chance to become even more self-sufficient in the long run. Furthermore, I am reminding myself that, whether I sleep in an empty apartment or a full house, I am one to do my own thing, and who I am does not change with my postal code.

          To my parents, thank you for keeping my old bedroom door open for me, thank you for graciously letting me go despite never wanting to, and thank you for being genuinely thrilled every time I return.

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