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I love my city!

I love my city!

          For the first time ever, I bought myself a birthday gift! I highly recommend doing so. Who knows what to get you better than yourself? While shopping for gifts typically stresses me out (as does shopping in general), buying myself a gift was easy. When it comes to others, I can’t simply buy gifts; I have to go on a ridiculous mission to buy each person the best gift. With regard to myself, my financial goals are in line with the birthday girl’s (my own) happiness, so I didn’t feel pressured to spend more than I could afford to please her. Luckily, she’s easily satisfied. So, what did this chick want for her birthday? A boyfriend. What did she want that she could actually attain? Travel, of course! I’m giving myself New York for my birthday. Yeah, I know, I’m awesome at gift-giving. Today is one year to the day since I last saw New York. Tomorrow morning, my beloved city will welcome me back. NYC, baby, I’m coming home!

Happiness Tip: Get yourself a birthday gift!

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