Tending to the Social Calendar

Nov 13, 2013 by

          Last week, after a busy October, I noticed that my November social calendar was looking a little bare. I could have whined about Mother Nature’s apparent determination to steal any hope of fun (which I admittedly did a little, as freezing my ass off is no thrill), standard time’s abduction of the sun, or Toronto’s wilting social scene. Instead, I decided to take action against the undeniable change of season. I refused to let my social calendar suffer the same lifeless fate as my icy fingers. My social life depends on me; not the fast-approaching snow. Therefore, as per Happiness Tips #5, #11, and #55, I reached out to various friends to stimulate my November by making plans.

          As a result, this month is already far busier and more entertaining than it has ever been, and the majority of my plans haven’t even happened yet. This year, I’m actually enjoying November, a month that is typically little cause for excitement. In fact, a couple of simple hey-let’s-chill-soon texts have already led to tentative plans for December! Friends, that’s how easily a chick on a happiness experiment sustains her healthy social life. Anyway, I’m off to have wine and cheese with the ladies! I hope your Wednesday night is bound to be as fabulous as mine!

Happiness Tip: Maintain your social life.

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