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          Three minutes away from work yesterday, while I was probably singing along to some song on the radio as I admired the sunshine, the car in front of me stopped in the middle of an intersection to make an impromptu left turn from the straight lane. I came to an abrupt stop in response to his sudden one before hearing a crushing sound from behind and feeling my upper body jolt forward and back. The car in front gone and the sun still brightly beaming, it took me a few seconds to comprehend that I had just been rear-ended. Funny enough, I was recently complaining to myself about the exorbitant cost of my insurance premium given the fact that I had never been in an accident. (Irony is my life.)

          I got out of my car, preparing myself for the damage to The Beaut. (Note to self: It is basically winter. Start making time to grab your jacket in the morning. Not only will your friends stop giving you shit for arriving at work without one, you will be warm in case of another accident.) Knowing that I wasn’t at fault (and really, neither was the woman behind me, although I doubt that’s how her insurance company will see it) and no one seemed to be hurt, I wasn’t stressed. In my past work life, I successfully dealt with direct reports causing $10,000 worth of damage as a result of a truck accident on Cumberland. A rip in my license plate and some unidentifiable black box hanging from my now scraped bumper? People, please, I had this.

          A normal person’s reaction to being in a car accident: Fuck my life.

          My reaction: Yes! New blog content!

          I may have expressed this silver lining to the woman that hit me, who couldn’t have been more awesome to be in the situation with. Bonding over the foolishness of the car that caused the accident, we sat together in her car (which the poor girl would later find out had suffered an estimated $3,500 in damages to the front end) while making calls to our offices and waiting for the police. She was wonderfully kind, and appeared to be just as concerned about the wine bottles in her trunk as she was about the mangled hood of her car. She obviously knew where her priorities ought to be. I knew I liked this chick!

          She and I calmly addressed what happened, enabling everything to smoothly proceed in a stress-free manner. Evidently, the situation was what we made it. She was laid back, and I was excited to meet someone new, no matter the circumstance that sparked the introduction. We drove together to the nearest collision reporting centre, at which time I began to uncover her story. Looking fabulous at 39 (I would have guessed early thirties), I found out that she’s preparing to move in with her nine-year boyfriend, now that her 20-year-old son has moved away for school. Being my inquisitive self, I asked her about the process of selling her house, her plan of going from suburban home ownership to renting downtown, and her son’s experience at school. Learning about this woman’s life was the highlight of my post-Cabo world. I love listening to people’s stories. I find the different ways that individuals choose to live their lives to be both fascinating and eye-opening. Thus, my first experience in a car accident was uncharacteristically positive, because I made it that way.

Happiness Tip: Approach would-be-stressful situations with positivity and grace.

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