Cabo Sunrise

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The rising sun on the horizon of the Sea of Cortés.

The rising sun on the horizon of the Sea of Cortés.

          This morning, I sat on the beach and watched the sun rise over the Sea of Cortés. It happened by accident. I woke up on my own accord to darkness, having gone to bed early the night before. (Sunny and 30-something degrees is my optimal weather. I rarely bask in it when I’m not on vacation for fear of skin cancer. However, when off frolicking the world, I let myself experience whatever I want, sunbathing included. And so, I’ve been baking in UV rays. With a high tolerance for scolding temperatures, I can last all day beneath Mexico’s sun, hence why I was drained by 10 pm last night.) Itching to write, I grabbed my laptop and headed for the sea. As I walked, I could see the first sign of day emerging in the distance. Realizing that the sun was about to rise, I moved quickly. I had never seen the sun rise over salt water.          

          My toes trailed the rough sand within minutes. By this time, the sky was already a misty light blue. Luckily, there was no sun yet to be seen and the moon was still in view. I hadn’t missed it. I stared into the pink smear just above the water in the distance, peacefully waiting for the sun that never fails to beam in Cabo. As I watched bright yellow break pink, I embraced my solitude. I was alone, admiring the perfectly circular sun stretching its glow over the water. No boyfriend to lace my fingers. No best friend to laugh in unison beside me. No one to match my smile at the sight of the sun over the sea. It was just me, the Sea of Cortés (this sea and I are totes bros now), and The Happiness Experiment that got me to this point where being alone has become something beautiful. (Oh crap! And apparently a pigeon that has appeared by my feet out of nowhere! These fuckers exist in Cabo? Code Red! Friends, I’m not sure that I’ll survive this moment. I am scared frozen. – Oh my God, another one! Black and skinny! I need to get off this beach ASAP! If only I could will myself to move in their ominous presence. My status as a living person is so TBD right now.)

Happiness Tip: Bask in solitude.

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