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No agnolotti to be found on the bill! Osso Bucco is the best!

No agnolotti to be found on the bill! Osso Bucco is the best!

          Three weekends ago, I began one of my fabulous restaurant hops (love them!) at Osso Bucco in Brampton. I wanted to capture some pictures of their unbelievable food for an upcoming guest post I’m writing for Ashley Abroad, the travel and lifestyle blog responsible for my obsession with visiting Paris. With two more restaurants to hit that night, I had to channel all of my willpower to avoid eating too much at my first stop, especially given that I typically leave Osso Bucco with enough food in me to fuel winter hibernation. The portions are huge!          

          Really wanting a picture of one of my favourite pasta dishes, but not prepared to eat an entire plate of it at the onset of a food marathon, I asked the lovely Lee Ann, an Osso Bucco family staple, if I could have just a few pieces of agnolotti for a photo to be featured in a blog post. I thought this would be a long shot. Osso Bucco lets me change any menu item to my liking, because they’re amazing like that; however, this request would require them to make a fresh rosé sauce for very little pasta. I wasn’t sure that they’d be able to accommodate, but I thought that I might as well ask. Without hesitation, Lee Ann was off to the kitchen to put in my order for three agnolotti that I wasn’t even charged for! I was ecstatic!

          This brought to memory the free one-hour CNE pass that I was given a week prior. I had sweetly asked the manager of The Ex’s front gate to grant me entry to the fairgrounds at no cost, explaining that I only wanted to go in to visit Fidel Gastro’s for The Gorgeous Jorge. Torontonians that have heard or read about this story were shocked that a one-hour free pass to the CNE existed, wondering how I knew about it. Simple: I asked. I’ve never been afraid to ask for things that may seem farfetched. I have no fear of getting a possible no (no is no; it’s not a big deal), because I typically (not always, but usually) get a yes. I justify unlikely requests by providing reasons for asking, and voilà! (Yes, I am fortunately gifted with excellent skills of persuasion, but anyone can ask for what they want.) In my blog post, The Quest for Jorge, I cheekily used the cliché, “Ask, and thou shall receive.” Knowing that I have often successfully used this piece of conventional wisdom in both personal and professional settings (At my past workplace, it once got me a raise in a land where pay increases didn’t exist, and a one-year employment term amongst a sea of colleagues with month-to-month contracts.), I feel that it deserves official happiness-tip status.

Happiness Tip: Ask, and thou shall receive.

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