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Aug 28, 2013 by

          A couple of dates, a few clingers while I’ve been out, and some online messages, and I’m already bored of the dating scene. No one has sparked my interest since I’ve decided that I want a boyfriend, so talking to guys is becoming – for lack of a better expression – blah. My extreme indifference has led me to wonder whether I’ll ever be attracted to anyone again. It sounds dramatic, but it’s a serious concern. In fact, my apathy toward guys is reaching the tipping point into annoyance. However, despite my speculations that all attractive guys are either extinct or married, I’m loving my laidback attitude.

          I’ve become increasingly relaxed about dating. I’m okay with progress being slow, and I’ve lost care for my Valentine’s Day deadline. Yes, I want a boyfriend, but I’m not desperate for one. I’m not going to commit myself to anyone who doesn’t continuously excite me. I don’t want a boyfriend just to have one. I want someone to connect with. If it takes longer than from now until V-Day to find that guy, so be it.

          In the meantime, I’m dealing with the duds. At this point, I’m grateful if I receive a text from a guy that doesn’t prompt me to expel an irritated sigh – a sign that I’m far from attentive, never mind enthusiastic. I never thought that I’d be on this end of the dating spectrum, where my desire for attention from guys (I’m referring to guys in general; not the attractive ones) has gone to die. In the past, I’ve more frequently been the interested; not the interesting. I think I’ve suddenly been placed in the shoes of every guy that I’ve ever been one-way attracted to. It’s awesome! Premature emotional investment is nonexistent on my end.

          I believe that my apathy as of late is routed in my confidence that I’ll eventually have an amazing boyfriend – something that I once thought was impossible. Therefore, I’m not resorting to less than what I want simply to speed up the search. People say that I’m picky, and I’m glad that I am. It means that I have standards, and that I value myself enough to hold guys to them. Why devote myself to anyone who doesn’t make me melt? It’s pointless to be with someone just to be with someone. I want passionate connection; not companionship. I have friends. I want intimacy.

          Furthermore, I’m approaching dating with an abundance mindset. I no longer worry that any guy who attends to me will be the last. I now perceive each approach as just one of more to come. I can nonchalantly fling the uninteresting guys off like flies, because there will be others. I don’t need to waste my time and energy on those who can’t engage me in conversation or hold my attention. (Hint to all guys that can’t take a hint: If a girl in a club, bar, or lounge rushes off to dance with her friends instead of staying to chat with you, she’s not that interested.) I’m looking for someone that intrigues me. I want to be mesmerized. I want to be impressed. I want to want to stop dancing with my friends. I want someone who is different from the rest. (Guys, talking about your job and asking me about mine does not make you stand out.) Find me, gorgeous. I’m bored.

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