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          “Are you seeing this guy in The Food Dudes food truck?” my friend asked, nearly fanning herself. “He’s friggin’ hot!”

          “Oh my God,” my other friend loudly whispered as she came rushing back from the truck, “these food dudes are hot! You should have heard how that one said my name!” she excitedly announced, pointing to the same guy. “I’m going to go back to talk to him!”

          “What are you going to say?”

          “I’m going to thank him, and tell him that I enjoyed my fish tacos very much,” she responded matter-of-factly. (My friends are clearly new to the food truck scene.)

          I nearly choked on my Fidel Gastro’s pad Thai fries. “Don’t mind my wedding ring,” I mocked.

          “You should go up to him!” they encouraged me.

          “I love how you two are living vicariously through my singleness,” I laughed.

          “Well, you’re the only one here who isn’t married, and you’re not paying attention to all of the cute guys around you. There are so many working these food trucks!”

          “Ladies, let me explain something to you,” I said. “I can stare at guys anytime. Right now, I have access to multiple food trucks in the same spot. Boys take second priority to food.”

          “Oh my God!” one exclaimed in shock.

          “Never!” scolded the other, disapprovingly.

          “Oh! I haven’t tried that truck yet!” I realized, already checked out of the conversation. “I’m going to go look at the menu!” I yelled back at them, as I hurried down the street.


          On Friday night, two of my girlfriends and I headed to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) after work. With no interest in paying too much money to go on breaking rides, I’ve never been to Toronto’s yearly end-of-summer fair. (Actually, my mom tells me that I have; but, because she and my dad almost lost my sisters and I, they never took us back. I have no recollection of this, so it doesn’t count.) However, this year, I heard that the CNE would be hosting Food Truck Frenzy. Say no more, Toronto Food Trucks. I was there. Below is a breakdown of what my mouth experienced.

Spread Nutellerie: Sweet Chips ($7.05 plus tax)

Sweet potato fries with nutella, icing sugar, and sea salt

Sweet potato fries with nutella, icing sugar, and sea salt

          Spread Nutellerie is a concept brought to the CNE by Blue Donkey Streatery, a Toronto food truck that I’ve yet to try, but have on my to-eat list after trying Spread’s sweet potato and nutella concoction. Spread, located in the Toronto Star Food Building at The Ex, had me at nutella. The fact that its founders are from the food truck world only added to my intrigue. Food truckers are creative gastronomic masterminds, so I trust any food truck by-product. Blue Donkey did not fall short of this reputation with Spread.

          Spread’s nutella-smothered sweet potatoes were salty-sweet deliciousness. To demonstrate their chocolate hazelnutty perfection, I’ll quote my skeptical friends pre-sweet-chips and post-sweet-chips.

          “Those are all yours, girl,” one of them assured me with her nose scrunched in disgust at the thought of nutella glazed potatoes.

          “Yeah, I’m not liking the idea of chocolate on fries,” the other agreed.

          Then, my name was called. A beautiful pile of icing sugared, salted nutella chips appeared before us. I saw the girls’ eyes widen with mine. The three of us inhaled those fries in less than two minutes.

          To quote my friends, whose food trust I earned immediately upon them tasting the sweet chips, “We need to Instagram these!” Anything deemed Instagram-worthy is amongst the highest complimented food in my social circle. These were easily deemed the best things we tasted at the CNE.

Fidel Gastro’s: Bacon Revoluçion ($10) with Pad Thai Fries ($3)

Bacon wrapped smoked pork, jalapeno, and chili aioli sandwich with a side of awesome

Bacon wrapped smoked pork, jalapeno, and chili aioli sandwich with a side of awesome

          I claimed this one all to myself. Friends, I have finally experienced the goodness of Priscilla, and she was well worth the wait. Dead set on trying The Gorgeous Jorge, I had to take a different course of action when I found out that it wasn’t on Friday’s menu, making it officially TBE (To Be Eaten). Lauren, one of my favourite members of the Lisa Marie family, convinced me to try the Bacon Revoluçion by showing me the log of bacon wrapped smoked pork that the meat of my sandwich would be cut from and mentioning the bacon jam inside. My happy song (Dog Days are Over, Florence and the Machine) came on in the truck when she was telling me about it, which I took as a sign that this was something I had to eat. When I told Lauren that I hadn’t tried Fidel Gastro’s pad Thai fries yet, she said that I have to, so I ordered them without question, fully trusting the judgment of anyone who works at Lisa Marie. Despite not being a fan of pork, this sandwich hit the spot. How can anything that is both bacon wrapped and bacon jammed not be good? Everything bacon considered, it was the pad Thai fries that owned my taste buds. If I weren’t broke and concerned for my health after everything I ate at the CNE on Friday night, I’d buy another ticket to The Ex just for more pad Thai fries. Their unique spicy flavour was worth repeatedly burning my lips.

          P.S. A member of the Fidel Gastro’s crew has heard of my blog! I literally jumped in excitement and nearly passed out from shock. Someone in the food truck community, who I hadn’t met before Friday, had heard about The Happiness Experiment? Just when I thought I couldn’t love everything Fidel Gastro’s more, the always friendly staff gave me another reason to adore them.

Sweetness Bakery: S’mores Cupcake ($3)

Toasted marshmallow atop chocolate? Sold.

Toasted marshmallow atop chocolate? Sold.

          While I liked the presentation of this cupcake, it failed to measure up in taste. The cake was too dry. At least I got a toasted marshmallow with some chocolate out of it. I’ve been craving s’mores since July.

Bacon Nation: Peanut Butter and Bacon Milkshake ($6.65 plus tax)

Does a peanut butter infused milkshake with bacon bits even need a caption?

Does a peanut butter infused milkshake with bacon bits even need a caption?

          It would have been impossible for me to not like this. #PeanutButterAddict. It was so thick (as a milkshake should be) that I wondered if it would ever reach my mouth, having sucked on the straw in anticipation for a good 20 seconds before cold, creamy, peanut butter injected vanilla ice cream splashed my tongue. Add random bursts of smoky bacon, and Bacon Nation has created what I hope becomes a CNE staple.

          My lovely readers, I suggest getting to the CNE today, while Food Truck Frenzy is still on. I heard a rumour (saw a tweet) that The Gorgeous Jorge is on the menu at Fidel Gastro’s. If you get to taste what I have yet to have the pleasure of eating myself, please share the experience below! I will be eating vicariously through you!

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